It’s National Cyber Security Month and there is a pressing clamor from consumers for tighter digital security controls to protect the digital rights of Internet users. This comes on the heels of the Equifax hack which has been coined “a wake-up call” along with demands that the “stupid user” concept be ceased immediately. The “stupid user” tactic used by many online companies lays the blame on users for failing to be more careful with their personal and private information. While there are those who don’t take precautions when using the Internet, most of the alarming security hacks were done to companies with big database. Continue reading Become a Successful and Security-Conscious Digital Entrepreneur

Last quarter of 2016, Google announced its Mobile First Index experiments which will prioritize mobile content over non-mobile content. According to Google, if the results of the testing prove their theory that “mobile rules,” they plan to make significant changes to their search algorithm. Continue reading Why You Need To Work on Your Mobile Content Now

If you scratch the surface on how to market a business online, you will find recommendations to focus on increasing subscribers, followers, views, and clicks but is that all there is to marketing online?

Those methods will work undoubtedly but it’s the easy way out, and often, not good enough if your goal is to beat your competition and corner a huge chunk of your target market. Continue reading Why the Easy Way is Not Good Enough when Marketing Online