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blog-clip-art-mnmo3bDo you ever feel like marketing is just a big mess of jumbled up acronyms? With new technology and promotion techniques sprouting every day, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Despite your level of comfort with marketing, social media or customer relationship management, Planned Growth has a marketing blog to demystify the nuances of such an important part of your business.

First of all, what is a blog? A blog is a digital compilation of relevant posts, which are basically just less-formal articles on a topic. Many people use blogs in a personal context much like an online journal used to keep family and friends updated on life experiences. Alternatively, blogs are very effective in a business environment for marketing and informing your customers as well as attracting new customers by becoming a trusted source for information on any given topic or industry. Continue reading Planned Growth Marketing Blog

green-square-balloon-chatLet’s face it – everyone is busy. Especially if you own a small business, you wear many different hats and your to-dos sometimes exceed the number of hours in your day. With that said, the last thing you want to do is stop everything you are doing and pick up the phone and call when you have a question or need something done. For this reason, Planned Growth has a timesaving, efficient solution on their client’s user interface– the chat feature.

With Planned Growth’s new, clean user interface, the chat widget is extremely easy to find. All it takes is a simple click on the chat box and you can enter your marketing question, comment or request and be immediately connected to a Planned Growth marketing representative who is online waiting to assist you. Continue reading Let’s Chat About It!

TutorialsPlanned Growth strives to provide the absolute highest level of service for our clients. Because of this, we continue to fine-tune our website and the user dashboard to make it easier to for each client to understand their unique marketing strategy and work as a team with Planned Growth to execute it. Possibly one of the most exciting enhancements is the new tutorial website that offers in-depth WordPress training to help each client make the most of their website development and management.
Whether you are brand new to your WordPress site or have had it for a while, you know it isn’t enough just to have a website – you must actively manage and promote it. With that said, we know the world of WordPress can be complicated and confusing, so when we designed the tutorial website, we did it with our clients in mind. Continue reading Tutorial Website