Even after all the massive changes to how we use the Internet, the advent of social media and other transformations, 93% of online use still starts with a search, from reading the latest news and social events to working to browsing for fun.

That’s likely why the growth of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is only preceded by the growth of search engines. Anyone who wants to appear in a search in a highly competitive world will have to use SEO to get on the top pages of a search.
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fb_flickr_qHow SEO Works Miracles on Facebook Pages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more important on Facebook than ever before, and taking advantage of that fact with several key strategies is paramount for marketers as they adapt to Facebook’s new lay-out.

SEO is penetrating Facebook and other social media platforms in astonishing speed, nimbly adapting to better find what customers want in the places they most like to be online. At the same time, with Pinterest and Google+ breathing down its neck, Facebook has been moving quickly too by launching a drastic change. They rolled out a single column page format for Facebook Pages that is used for online business and public profiles. This is expected to keep the strength of Facebook from super strong to almost impenetrable strong.
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GoogleSEO & Google Updates: How To Shift Lanes To Avoid Glitches

Why does it seem that the world stops when Google releases major updates and changes?

You just can’t be too comfortable with the latest version of any Google release, because there’s always another one right around the corner. This time? It’s Panda 4.0.

You can ignore Google updates at your own peril: now on its 14th year of operation, Google is considered the dominant force in search engines with over 1.1 billion users worldwide. About 79% of Android users have the Google operating system and the estimated number of searches per month on Google is over 114 billion!
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It has been one month since Planned Growth Agents have started using our new support portal, and we couldn’t be more excited at how fast and simple the conversion has been. Besides the easy to navigate dashboard, our agents appreciate the ability to communicate with our clients. Among the many communication features that the PG Support Portal utilizes, one of the most helpful tools is the ability to chat with Customer Service Agents in real time.
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