freshdesksmall-getting-to-know-your-dashboardHow, exactly, do you make sure your ever-expanding customer base is being treated properly? Planned Growth is taking care of this fundamental challenge of business growth with the addition of an amazing support solution: our very own support portal.

Planned Growth’s Support Portal is an incredibly innovative idea that has blossomed into something huge! It helps us plan your online business growth through a customer support solution that remains unchallenged to date. Our support portal makes communication about projects easier than ever with an intuitive dashboard with extremely useful features.
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freshdesk-ticketing-systemcreate-support-accountThe process is pretty straight forward: Projects are created as tickets, and tickets are assigned to agents. As a Planned Growth Client, you have complete access to your dashboard. This means you can view every step of every project. But even more useful is the ability to communicate with both individual agents and groups at any time on any project. This cuts down on confusion and keeps everybody focused on the same goal. With the ability to oversee all communication on a project, as well as intervene when you see necessary, you can be sure your goals and visions are being met.
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take-videos-viralBy 2016, industry and marketing experts are predicting that online video traffic will consume about 55% of Internet usage. Think about that. More than half of Internet usage will come from watching videos! And they’re not pulling this prediction out of the proverbial rabbit’s hat. Everything that’s happening online is pointing to this direction. The simple truth: If you don’t have video content, before long you are going to feel left behind, not unlike business owners who decided years ago that having a website was just a fad before realizing too late they grossly underestimated online business power.
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business-on-the-internet-map-postSix billion. That’s how many YouTube views happen every single month. If you prefer to see it from a different angle, this means that every person watches online videos for an hour every month. Imagine what you could achieve with quality videos on your website. The viewership is there – are you?

Quality Matters
The number one rule in using videos to market anything or anyone is to make sure it can be loaded quickly. The window of opportunity is a mere 2 seconds for the average online user to wait for a video to load with adequate Internet speed – and then they move on. Two seconds. By the time you finish reading this paragraph, a user would have already decided whether to watch a video or not.
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