Drip MarketingTrying to understand all the marketing buzzwords floating around can be a daunting task. It seems the list grows longer by the day, leaving many business owners on the sidelines, unsure of where to start.

Today we will shed light on the concept of drip marketing and how it can positively affect your company’s bottom line.

Imagine a leaky faucet, continually dripping water from its spout, landing on the silver stopper below. Each drop in a drip marketing campaign represents an email, direct mail piece or social media post sent to a targeted group of existing and potential customers. Continue reading Drip Marketing – What’s the deal?

Blog About It“Blog” is just another buzzword that often intimidates people before they even give it a chance. But, we have good news. If you are reading this, you have ventured onto a blog post, which is basically a digital journal for articles and information. While many people have personal blogs to share details of their life with family, friends or community groups, businesses can use blogs to impact their bottom line.

So what are the guidelines to writing a blog? First of all, a blog allows you to share your expertise with current and potential customers. Posts can cover information about your industry, products and services or customer satisfaction stories. This is especially helpful if you have a niche market that isn’t commonly understood by the general public. Continue reading Why Don’t you Blog About it?

QR-Codes-for-Creative-MessagingIn our previous article on this topic, “QR Codes for Creative Messaging
,” we addressed the use of QR codes on business cards, signage and promotional items such as bottle openers. Let’s look at some other ways QR codes can be used to help promote products and brands or, more simply, to serve your customers more effectively.

We constantly harp on the importance of social media engagement to build customers and develop relationships. But, with the saturation of social media channels and the possibility of brand confusion across channels, QR codes can take your audience directly to your social profiles.

One important note: as you know, people are using mobile devices to scan QR codes, so if you are taking them to your site, be sure to make your code a link to the mobile optimized site.  Continue reading QR Codes for Delivering Marketing Messages

Twitter HashtagsmailFor those who aren’t well versed in social media or are new to the concept of social media marketing, the symbol “#“ is a pound sign, used on the phone to submit a pin or password on a conference call. What if I told you that simple pound sign within your social media content is a doorway to putting your company into conversations with people all over the world?

The “#” is called a hash tag. There are numerous reasons why marketers use hashtags in their social media content strategy and encourage their followers to do so – we will touch on a few of the most common uses. Continue reading What’s a “#” in Social Media?