Get Organized in 2018 with a New CRM (New Year’s Resolution)

organize your business crmCustomer Relationship Management, or CRM, used to be relegated to front-office use – a clerical job of mediocre insignificance until technology began to take control of business operations in the 90s. In 2018 business processes are expected to be automated, and CRMs are going to be at the forefront of every business that hopes to increase sales, organize, and stay relevant.

Start 2018 fresh with a resolve to put CRM as your efficiency and organization power tool by using the best CRM software available today. The criteria for excellence in CRM software include the following:

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence, or AI. AI can offer personalized workflow and make it possible for employees to stay updated in real time, find answers to queries, predict demands and needs, and handle clerical, tedious tasks automatically allowing your workers to focus their attention on being more productive.
  • Incorporate social media in the CRM software will enable a business to tap into the force of social media to connect with their market and improve engagement and interaction through immediate access to company information and resolution of issues.
  • Adopt a CRM software that has tighter integration with other business tools and technologies for customer support, marketing, and sales while maintaining secure cross-border channels to prevent hacking or data leaks.
  • Scalability to adapt to the changing needs of the business and its customers.
  • User friendliness that will allow all employees to adopt to and use the system seamlessly.

The key strategy for CRM software used in 2018 is “personalization” because ultimately, it is customer experience that will reign supreme together with immediate responses from your company. This strategy means your CRM software should be able to know your audience, when to send out information, how to reach them and respond to them, and know where to find them.

Furthermore, CRM software is a vital tool for all businesses, big or small. After all, being in the digital age, business size is no longer as important as it used to be in branding and accessing the market. A small shop in the middle of a nondescript town in Asia has just as many chances of selling its products worldwide as a shop located in New York City with the right technology and approach.

Learn, organize, optimize – these are strategy points every business should focus on in 2018, and the best way to handle all three aspects is by getting the best CRM software in the market today.

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CRM for the Holidays

CRM for the holidays

Everybody sends greeting cards or emails for the Holidays. It’s a great way to tell your clients and potential clients that you are human, and that you care. In today’s fast paced society, a simple greeting goes a long way. But even the simple task of sending a friendly Holiday email can get pushed to the bottom of your “to do” list, after all you’re running a business.

Don’t miss out on these important opportunities. Let your CRM do the work for you! A Customer Relationship Manager, “CRM”, can greatly improve your productivity, efficiency, and increase sales. Studies have shown that companies who have automated the sales process see a 53% higher conversion rate. That’s a big deal, so why are so many people still relying on antiquated spreadsheets to keep track of their leads and sales?

A CRM may seem like a huge undertaking that most people either don’t have the time or the money to invest in. Well, not anymore. Over 50,000 businesses trust ZohoCRM to automate their emails, social media, sales processes and client retention processes. Planned Growth is an Authorized ZohoCRM Partner. Our affordable price structure makes it feasible for any size business to obtain a completely customizable CRM.

If you have been avoiding using a CRM, now is the time. Planned Growth is here to help. Let our experts walk you through the entire process starting from importing your current system into a customized ZohoCRM through training you and your team on how to use your new ZohoCRM to its fullest. Planned Growth can set you up and get your business running just in time for the new year.

Want to learn more about how a CRM can help your business?

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Getting the Inside Track on Small Business Saturday

Small Business store

On November 25, Small Business Saturday is all set to benefit small business owners in the United States, Canada, and the UK. It’s an event that has been around since 2010 and launched by American Express to counter the big box retail days known as Black Friday and Cyber Mondays.

As a small business owner, this is your day to shine. With excellent marketing planning and strategy, you can bring in a lot of sales just like that of Cyber Monday or Black Friday! Last year (2016) there were more than 6,700 small shops and stores and 480 organizations that signed up to participate, which was a 63% increase from 2014. Awareness of this unique shopping day was reported at 72% on a national level, with an astounding 112 million customers enjoying special treats and discounts and spending an estimated $15.4 billion!

Here are some tips on how you can take advantage of this once-a-year international day of shopping for small businesses.

Market Heavily Online

Although Small Business Saturday targets brick and mortar shops, you can and should use the Internet to create advanced promotions and marketing to as many people as you can reach. You have the advantage that Small Business Saturday falls in between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so consumers have not depleted their savings yet and are still hot for deals primarily with the holidays fast approaching.

Decide on the items you can give huge discounts on and post them on social media and your website if you have one. Join active local online campaigns for Small Business Saturday, such as those from credit card companies, newspapers, and community newsletters, to name a few. Make regular announcements that include teasers of the freebies, and attractions consumers can enjoy when they walk through your doors on November 25.

Now is the best time to get professional help because the competition has become so fierce. It’s not just local and national competition, but even international consumers who are starting to dictate who gets the sale or not. Fortunately, international buyers don’t care very much about the size of a business as long as it is run correctly, upright and ethically upholds standard business practices. Thus, a good image is critical to your online success and Planned Growth Small Business Services could help take advantage of this Small Business Saturday and expand your online market.

Start a Text Messaging Campaign

Text messaging is a powerful marketing tool because it can reach more American consumers than email, TV, print ads, and even social media. In fact, studies show that 98% of those who receive text messages open the message to read it; so if your message is short, catchy, and enticing, they won’t trash it and may even forward it to friends and family. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #SmallBusinessSaturday!

Consider Bundle Marketing

If you have a lot of inventory and you want to move slow items, bundle them with favorite items! However, always make the products available individually and display them prominently alongside the bundled package. This way, you don’t make the shopper feel forced to buy something just to get that one item. They will feel scammed. The best strategy is to give them the option to choose.

Partner with a Worthy Cause

There’s still the option to to partner with a charity or neighborhood cause that will benefit both parties. You can offer part of the proceeds to the charity or give exclusive discounts to anyone who donates to the charity or cause.

Offer Personalized Services

If you are located in a cluster of shops, offer special services like package deposit, home delivery within a particular area, gift wrapping, free parking, free drinks or cookies, seats for tired feet, VIP check-out, daycare, and a dedicated space for husbands, wives, partners, the elderly, or children who can sit and relax but still feel part of the community while the other half goes shopping! These small details can mean big loyalty for the future.

Become a Successful and Security-Conscious Digital Entrepreneur

It’s National Cyber Security Month and there is a pressing clamor from consumers for tighter digital security controls to protect the digital rights of Internet users. This comes on the heels of the Equifax hack which has been coined “a wake-up call” along with demands that the “stupid user” concept be ceased immediately. The “stupid user” tactic used by many online companies lays the blame on users for failing to be more careful with their personal and private information. While there are those who don’t take precautions when using the Internet, most of the alarming security hacks were done to companies with big database. Continue reading…