Success is a planned event

Success is not accidental. It does not happen because you found your mojo. It is a result of a plan and hard work. Are you tired of the peaks and valleys of your sales efforts? Do you call on customers to find out they have left you for a competitor?

Are you looking for that extra edge over other companies? Planned Growth can help you achieve your sales goals and make your success a planned event.

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5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Increase User Engagement

by Stephen Paul
If you keep up with social media marketing news, you already know that if Facebook were a country, its 800 million users would make it the third most populous nation in the world. And, besides being the largest social network in the world (by far), it’s now the most popular website in the U.S., consistently beating out Google for the top spot.
However, just because Facebook is the country’s stickiest site doesn’t necessarily mean that your Facebook page has any “stick” to it at all. How do you connect with your customers on Facebook, get them to engage and keep them coming back for more? Here are five social media marketing tips for increasing user engagement on your Facebook page.

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Why SEO Should Be Important To You

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of structuring a web page so that it is found, read, and indexed by search engines in the most effective manner possible.
This makes your web site and its content attractive, relevant and visible to search engines and web searchers.
Why is this important? Consider what it would be like if no one could easily find your place of business, or even your telephone number. Most businesses could not continue for long in such a situation.
The same thing can happen with your web site if people cannot easily locate it. Traffic volume, if it existed at all, slows to a crawl. Potentially valuable customers never even know you are there.
“Wait!” you say. “I had a web site created, and the address is included in all of our advertising. Why wouldn’t people be able to find it?”
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