socialcrmThe constant evolution of social media and its importance for businesses is not a hidden storyline in our culture. I am also well aware that the concept of a customer relationship management system (CRM) is nothing new either.

Now, CRM systems are going to the next level with social media integration – allowing you to manage your customer relations in one easy-to-use tool. But, why is this important?  Continue reading Social Media Integration For CRM Systems

Integrating gmail with zohoMany business owners understand the importance a customer relationship management system (CRM), but there are so many different products out there. So what features should you look for when making a decision on a CRM product to use? Let’s take a look at some great CRM features.  Continue reading Key Features To Get The Most Out Of Your CRM System

Spreadsheets, word documents and endless notepads. Alone, there is nothing bad about these things. But, when they are used to keep track of customers and their activity, businesses lose out on client-development opportunities.

While you may have a long-history of managing customers through sheets of paper and your memory, there is a more effective way. Customer relationship management systems (CRMs) provide a seamless solution for managing clients.

Think of it this way: with multiple staff members handling customer relations, such as calling about new promotions, what if there is a miscommunication and your customer gets three phone calls? What if you know that the customer doesn’t like to be called around a certain time of day, but your staff is not aware and they upset a valued client?

While these are extremely simplified examples, you get the idea. Customer Relationship Management programs help to manage sales and marketing tactics by creating client profiles that track activity, interactions and preferences. CRMs allow you to decrease clutter and streamline customer relations. Continue reading The Art of Customer Relationship Management