megaphone“Who got the biggest pay hike last season?”

“The 5 teams that look to make it to the Magic 5!”

Sports organizations like the NBA and the NFL are amazing in creating off-season hype. They do this to keep fans talking about the teams and always in the news. It works and it is a strategy that you can use quite easily with your business – albeit on a less expensive scale.

No, you don’t have to pay anyone to put you in the news. You can create posts that can go viral. You can set trends and stir up excitement for your upcoming season. There are many ways to generate leads and improve on your subscriber base. Here are some ideas that might interest you:

Offer off season discounts

There are many shoppers that like to buy off season. They wait for the sales after the holidays to grab what they can – cheap – even if they don’t need it. They are experienced enough to know that they will need it in the future and when that happens, it might be more expensive.

From another angle, there are products that go on massive discount sales during special holidays.  According to American consumers buy around 36 million mattresses a year but mattresses are cheapest on Memorial Day sales. You can also entice shoppers to buy off season products by offering discounts on these special holidays because shoppers are on the look-out for these discounts.

Offer Early Bird Offers

Early bird ticket offers are tricky marketing campaigns but when they work, they work beautifully. It is important for early bird offers to be:

  • Enticing
  • Reasonable
  • On a limited offer only

This is the kind of deal that sell because of impulsive buying decisions. If you keep using it, it loses its appeal.

Stalk your Competitors – but in an ethical manner

If you have the time, check out what your competitors are up to. They may have something on the website that could give you an inkling as to what their direction will be in the new season. You should also look up new technology and apps that can help you improve operations and marketing. There is always something new that catches the interest of the Internet public – find out what it is and how you can incorporate it neatly with your business.

Finally, make adjustments to your product. For instance, if your product has something to do with education and it’s summer or holiday break, a different angle like short courses or tie-up with other companies might be a new product you can offer.




Negative reviews sound ominous but do you realize that bad reviews do not necessarily reflect the way you do business but can be used to improve your product/services? The fact is negative reviews are not that difficult to handle – but without a doubt, they have to be addressed. Here’s why:

  • Over 83% of consumers prefer to trust reviews than personal recommendations
  • If a consumer likes how he or she was treated, a review will be given willingly
  • Majority of buyers check reviews first before spending, however, if the reviews were posted over 3 months ago, buyers lose interest and consider the reviews irrelevant
  • Over 50% trust star ratings

First of all, never argue or challenge the person. Reviews are about emotions and feelings; personal experiences and negative reviews are often done impulsively or in anger or frustration. It would achieve nothing to start a debate. Do not take it personally. Learn to look at all reviews objectively.

  • Allow emotions to cool down but do make an effort to reply as graciously as possible.
  • Have standard replies to negative reviews such as “I am sorry to hear about your experience. Allow me to look into the incident and get back to you as soon as possible.”

Second, accept that you’re not alone. Every business receives negative reviews. The successful entrepreneur knows how to handle it with diplomacy while the hot-headed business owner ends up losing customers.

Third, do find out more about what happened and make it a point to get back to the customer with a more knowledgeable response. If your employee was at fault, admit it and offer a special freebie for the inconvenience. If you are not in a position yet to give away freebies or discounts, then the best you can do is give your sincere apologies.

Lady working from home

Digital trends usually relate to how a company sells to and otherwise interacts with its customers or clients. But a huge part of any company includes those who provide the services to the clientele: the workers.

More and more, employees are wanting to work from home – or at least not be tied to the office every day. Using remote employment technology, businesses can have employees or contractors working from almost anywhere in the world.

Of course, not every type of company can provide services remotely, but there are usually several positions that can lend themselves to this type of work. Customer service, sales, marketing, content writing, graphic designing, training, and teaching are a few examples.

How can twenty-first century technology promote working offsite?


  1. Internet services – Clearly, having a remote workforce requires that workers have access to reliable and fast Internet service providers. And the company’s Internet should be reliable as well. Corporations can provide stipends, equipment, or a combination of the two for at-home and even on-the-road Internet capabilities.


  1. Remote access/VPN – Many tasks require that an employee be able to interact with and access corporate data and other resources. Whether help pages for effective customer service, or important files for incorporating into content, it’s imperative that there be a safe, secure way to get into the company’s system.


  1. Email access – Rather than have at-home workers use personal email accounts, where important company messages can get lost, many businesses allow employees to access their company email accounts remotely.


  1. Teamwork – Not every at-home employee works in solitude. Teamwork is essential for jobs like content and graphic design, where more than one person contributes to the final product. Programs that assist with task management allow each team member to share to-do lists, delegate tasks, share progress, and even create sublists.


  1. File sharing – As individuals complete a portion of a project, file sharing programs allow each person to drop their contribution into a centralized location for the next person to access.
  1. Meetings – People still need to discuss things in groups, so there are numerous online tools that facilitate meetings in cyberspace. Meeting face-to-face, voice only, and even group text chats are no problem.


The digital world is full of wonderful tools to bring us together even while we work far apart. Staying on top of the trends is crucial in today’s new world.



Social Media LogosWith over 78% of the American population having at least one social media profile, is it any wonder social media is changing the world in a way no one ever imagined it would? With social media, one can no longer hide behind a computer screen and many people are creating their own personal brand using social media.

Does this answer why social media changes so often? In a way, yes, because with the demand so high for anything new on social media, enterprising individuals will want to cash in by creating new apps, new designs, and new technology.

Here’s a quick look at what happens on social media in a one-day period:

  • 75 billion posts on Facebook
  • Over 400 million tweets
  • 4 billion YouTube videos
  • 2 billion photos on Instagram

These are four reasons why social media is changing faster than any other content on the web and marketers have to deal with multi-channel strategies to make a dent or keep the status quo of businesses.

Social Media Creates Surges

If you have a cause you want to promote and bring to national attention, the best way is through social media unless you have a direct line to a major news outlet.

As far as advertising is concerned, there is a major surge towards social media with ad spending reaching over $25 billion in 2015. Facebook captured almost 64% of ad spending on social media with Twitter and Instagram coming in way behind, but still posting impressive growths in ad revenues.

Social Media Changes the Way Consumers Shop and Read

Instead of reading the broadsheets or switching on their TVs, consumers are getting their “Breaking News” from social media. Instead of using the phone to talk to a sales person, consumers would rather browse the web for information and feedback.

Social Media and Relationships

Is it official on Facebook? Milestones are now being reported officially on social media, and a person’s life and relationships are no longer private but socially public, which means one blast reveals the latest updates to one’s network, saving a person a tremendous amount of time trying to keep everyone updated.

However, beyond just updates, social media is the new dating site, getting-to-know-you-better place, and break-up site for some.

Social Media Creates Income and Business Opportunities

One of the top reasons why social media is changing so much is because now small and medium enterprises can compete with big multinationals and corporations. They have found a huge opportunity to market their products and services without the high capital requirements using social media. Break-out products are finally getting the attention they deserve from viral sharing and creative marketing.

To stay connected to your market, a business must build a social profile. However, before doing this, there are four things that must take priority:

  1. Start being open-minded about social media and avoid setting limits.
  2. Understand the need to research the social behavior of your market so you can customize your profile to appeal to them.
  3. Integrate and create content so you can be reached on different screens, online and offline.