Surefire Tips on How to Find the Most Excellent in SEO, Design, and Web Content

To push out a viable, sustainable and popular website or online business, you need to cull the work of different experts who can create content, layout, design, execute your vision, market, and help you manage operations until you are able to fully take over the reins. Doesn’t sound too difficult, right? Wrong.

In fact, in this technology-driven, complex world we live in, specialization has gone to the very extreme. Right now there are 10 types of content writers just as there are different specialized artists/designers that can be tapped to create a one layout like graphic artist, illustrator, UI, UX, motion graphics, animator, architectural designer, and instructional designer, just to name a few.

Once you realize the amount of work and expertise needed to launch a successful online account, you also come to the point of understanding that it is investment and time heavy. That is, unless you follow the following surefire tips:

One Production Team

Forcing experts to work together is more challenging and risky than getting one team familiar with each to work on your project. For one, there will probably be a power struggle when big minds who are strangers come together to work on a project. Second, they may not all understand the vision. Third, they may not all be on board with the schedule and delays are inevitable.

With one production team whose members have a history together, you get higher efficiency, a friendlier work environment, and mutual support.

Know What You Want Before Starting

Sometimes the cause for delay is changes in the vision and strategy. To save on resources and time, make sure you are firmly decided and committed on your plan. As in most projects, it is in the planning stage where you should spend most of your effort to minimize mistakes or missteps during the execution and launching stage.

Use “Best Fit” Technology, Experienced In-House Expert

The information and technology available for web design and online commerce is confusing and constantly being upgraded. Make sure you have an in-house employee or team who has enough experience and training to stay on top of the technology, able to recommend next step options and assess the quality and efficiency of your website.

According to US computer scientist and highly respected professor emeritus in Stanford, Donald Knuth, “Premature optimization is the root of all evil.” Studies show that making scalability one of your main priorities from day one will eat into your budget and not give you good ROI. Tech decisions rarely cause an online business to fail or succeed. Success or failure is dictated by wrong decisions on product, marketing, strategies, financial mismanagement, or botched operations.

Listen to Your Team

At Planned Growth we believe that establishing an interactive work environment is key to success. Managers and business owners who make it a habit of talking and listening to their team are more successful than those who rely on reports and breeze through staff meetings. Some of the simple questions you should ask periodically include:

  1. What’s holding you back?
  2. What resources do you need to get the job done faster?
  3. What are the bottlenecks?

Then, do something to fix the problems. Always give your team high priority access to you. You can use apps like AwayFind or SaneBox which gives you alerts on oncoming emails and removes bulk mail automatically.