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Why Planned Growth?

Planned Growth offers a variety of services for all your web marketing needs! We not only take care of your online marketing, but also provide you with advanced reporting to track and further plan your success and growth.

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We Deliver Results

5K% +
Increases in Traffic
9K +
Requests Fulfilled
110K +
Newsletters Opened
1 hour
Minimum Turnarounds

We’ve provided an abundance of value to our customers over the years, see what we can do for you!


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We Can Build It…

Planned Growth works with businesses and organizations of all sizes and types, to design and develop professional websites. With our Strategic Development Team, Planned Growth can present your products and services to the right audience with the right message and with the right look. Planned Growth can see your vision. Take the first step and we’ll do the rest.


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We Can Market It…

Planned Growth specializes in building online and digital marketing campaigns to promote your products and services to help build your business. The marketing industry is always changing, and to grow your organization it is important that you have professionals who are in tune with the cutting edge methods being used to get ahead. Plan for now. Plan for tomorrow.


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We Keep You Organized…

Planned Growth offers a solid platform for managing customer support, opportunities, inventory, leads, and marketing efforts, including email campaigns that you can launch from within the service itself. The CRM has a bundle of features, including database functions, collaboration, and project management. Stay organized. Contact Planned Growth today for more information.


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What others say about us


I did research. There are over 400 “marketing” companies in Fort Lauderdale. It is almost imposible to find one that is great, modern and that they know what they’re doing.
Talking to Rob and Chris, I was impressed about their approach, their results and the system they have. Everything is measurable, transparent and they use latest and most cost effective methods to generate customers.
I did found them through referrals and that is why I am writing this to help others find good companies like Planned Growth. Way to go guys…

Andre Cvijovic

Had a problem with my website that seemed to suddenly come out of nowhere!!! Planned Growth took care of the problem and had all the issues fixed within 24 hours. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with their website!

Norman Russell

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