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About Us

Planned Growth began in 2011 after recognizing the lack of transparency and trust in many digital marketing and website design companies. It has been our mission ever since to build partnerships with our clients by nurturing long-lasting relationships through transparency and technical knowledge. We understand that not everyone is as passionate about technology as we are, and many business owners don’t have the time to keep up with the latest technology and trends. Our passion to help businesses grow is what drives us and motivates us to provide the absolute best service with the latest technologies

Since our inception we have evolved from a Digital Marketing Agency into a Business Development Agency – paving the way for an entire new category of business. As entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves we understand the importance of utilizing technology to implement well-thought-out marketing strategies to promote your brand. We believe we have set ourselves a part from other agencies by providing all of these services with specialized experts under one roof. Welcome to the future of business!

Business Softwares

Our Team

Chris W. | CEO
Brenden H. | Executive Director
Susan K. | Director of Business Software
Greg G. | Marketing Manager
Melanie P. | Admin Assistant
Samantha O. | Web Development Manager
Elijah P. | Zoho Technician
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Modern digital marketing is all about collecting data and sending subtle, personalized messages to the people likely to purchase your service or product. Our team of experienced marketing pros will help you create a customized marketing strategy for your business or organization. Then we will help you implement your marketing strategy, monitoring its success and continually improving it to drive more sales.


Turn your concept into reality. From Logo & Brand Identity Development to Website Design & Development, with Planned Growth you now have the luxury of your very own creative team.


Collect, store and utilize your data to create and maintain lasting relationships with your customers. The age of automation is here, and we can help you use it for your benefit. Our Partnership with Zoho allows us to provide 40+ business applications to our customers. All customizable to fit your needs. Our Zoho Experts will guide you through setting up and maintaining your Zoho One suite of applications, including your CRM.

Certifications & Awards

Business Softwares - ZOHO Advanced Partner - Planned Growth Business Services
Zoho Administrator - Professional Services
Top Designers Clutch 2019
Expertise - Best Web Developers in Fort Lauderdale 2020
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