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You are an expert in your professional field. However, this does not mean that you are an expert in content writing for your professional website. This is why search engine optimization is critical. Hiring the best content writer becomes crucial. The more “optimized” a website is with unique, engaging, and informative information, the higher it will rank in the search results. Planned Growth’s Content Writers know how to include certain keywords and phrases that will help a website show up on the first or second page of search results.

Monthly Plans


Starting at

Basic maintenance to keep your online identity accurate and up-to-date.

Let people know you are in business.

 Could include, Website Maintenance, Social Media Management, Basic “Best practice” SEO, Monthly Site Audits




Lead Generation

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Develop and implement an online marketing strategy that will help generate leads. 

Could include Online Advertising with Google Ads and/or Social Media Ads with Custom Built Landing Pages.

Lead Nurture (optional add-on $199/mo)
Sync your marketing strategy to your CRM to build automated workflows and lead nurturing.


Starting at

Develop and implement an online marketing strategy that will increase search engine rankings, website visits, followers, subscribers and will increase user engagement to your website, app and/or social media profiles.

Could include Advanced SEO, Content Development and Distribution.

Online Sales

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Develop and Implement an online marketing strategy with CRM integration to increase online sales.

Could include a mix of Organic and Paid services, along with Email and Social services for re-marketing and nurturing.

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