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Website Management

With Planned Growth’s Website Management you will not have to worry about updating your own website with new content, images, upcoming events, news articles, blog entries or any other changes. Planned Growth will be your website’s content manager. Although we love managing for all sizes of businesses, this is ideal for small businesses and non-profit organizations who would rather use valuable funds elsewhere, instead of paying for an expensive private web consultant or in-house web manager. Planned Growth will do it for you!

Monthly Plans


$199 / mo.

Basic maintenance to keep your website secure and up-to-date.

  • Monthly Site Audits
  • Security Updates
  • Plug-In Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Up to 3 Requested Website Changes


$399 / mo.

Develop and implement an online marketing strategy that will increase visibility and organic search rankings.

  • ​Keyword Research​
  • ​Off Page Optimization​
  • ​On Page Optimization​
  • ​Content Creation​
  • ​Local SEO​
  • ​SEO Audits & Reporting​
  • ​SEO Consultation & Strategy


$599 / mo.

Develop and implement an online marketing strategy that will help generate leads and sales.

  • ​Campaign Strategy​​​
  • ​​​Keyword Research
  • ​Ad Extensions
  • ​Landing Page Optimization
  • ​Bid Management and Optimization​
  • Performance Tracking and Reporting​
  • ​A/B Testing
*Ad Spend sold separately 
*90 day minimum contract


Need more?

Get a custom built Marketing Plan tailored for your business goals.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Review Management
  • Content Development

Use our Instant Estimator to create your free instant estimate.

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