Why do you need someone to manage your website?  Because your time is valuable.  And because a full time employee will likely be under-trained or overpaid. But, regular website management must be done. By regularly updating your site your search engine rankings will likely improve.


Planned Growth can help you integrate social media with marketing strategies. Now you can easily deliver content, measure its impact, and streamline your efforts in one place.  We know when and how to deliver relevant content, and build a brand that resonates with target audiences.


Grow the value of your customer relationships and convert new prospects. Email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than traditional media and can drive traffic to your storefront or website.  You can send newsletters, promotions, new service announcements or event invitations. Track the effectiveness of your emails with our detailed report, showing who is opening your emails and what they are interested in.


With solid SEO practices in place, you will have leads coming to you on a consistent basis.  Of course, most people think “Search Engine Optimization” means more traffic to our website, but that is not the only benefit, nor is it the main benefit of SEO.  Planned Growth can use this knowledge to boost your business.


PPC is delivering targeted advertisements to people who are literally seeking out your product. Planned Growth will shape your pay-per-click advertising efforts based on actual keyword traffic data and goal conversions, manage your PPC efforts efficiently and optimize the relevance of your campaigns, putting you leagues ahead of your competition.


Planned Growth specializes in providing relevant content for websites, email, social media and print marketing, press releases and more.  Every industry has a specific target audience that requires a different type and level of content. Centered around key words and phrases, good content will attract and retain your audience, which is what you want.


Planned Growth offers full-service professional graphic design for businesses and non-profit organizations.  This can include beanding and logos, graphics for email marketing templates, website graphics, print marketing graphics, and social media marketing graphics.  Quality designs do so much more than make your business look good, they set you apart from your competition.


Planned Growth can film anything.  Web Videography, Political Statements, Business & Technical Presentations, Sales Presentations, Public Relations, Fundraising, Conferences, Trade Shows, Special Events, Testimonials, Streaming Web Video, Marketing & Promotions, Industry & Manufacturing Profiles, Company Portfolio, Documentaries and more!


Flipbooks are innovative digital magazines or books that can be used in place of Powerpoint presentations, slide shows, PDFs, or even print material, such as brochures. Any digital page content can be transformed into a virtual document where the pages turn on-screen, engaging readers through an attractive, high-tech navigation method!


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Planned Growth provides full transparency with everything we do for your organization. From detailed reports to a itemized breakdown of everything we did each month. You won’t find another digital marketing agency that does that.
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Think of Planned Growth as an extension of your own organization. We get to know you. We will become part of your organization. Personal relationships developed. And its because we care.
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Real-Time Analytics

Planned Growth provides each month a complete analysis of all aspects of our internet marketing efforts and your organization’s standings. From SEO rankings, to competitor analysis, website visits and social media interactions, you will always be in the know.
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Planned Growth is never far away. You can call us, email us, text us, or send smoke signals and we will be there for you. We provide a support dashboard where you can track and communicate with our team!


  • Our Seed Plan includes 3 Hours of any service of your choice.

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  • Our Sprout Plan includes 5 Hours of any service of your choice.

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  • Our Spruce Plan includes 7 Hours of any service of your choice.

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Need More?
  • Our Enterprise Plans are built for medium to large size organizations that are looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.