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5 Benefits Beyond SEO of Why You Should Have a Mobile-optimized Site

Asking “Is your site mobile friendly?” should basically be rhetorical by now. It’s likely a big portion of your audience only accesses your site by their phone.

And Google and Microsoft’s Bing have made recent algorithm changes to reflect that change in browsing preferences. Still, that’s not the only reason you want to be mobile friendly.

If you only do things with your web site because you’re worried what Google thinks, you’re going about it the wrong way! There’s so much more to a site than ranking high on search engines (although that’s important, of course).

Being mobile optimized should be core to your approach for many reasons, including search rankings:

Reason #1 It Will Make You More Efficient

As the owner of a website, you may not always have access to your laptop or PC. This means by being mobile friendly, you can check on your website anywhere and everywhere as long as you have access to an Internet connection. This will allow you to be on top of your business 24/7. On the same level, if you’re able to access things quicker on your site, so can your clients or customers.

Reason #2 You Reach a Larger Audience

The figures on mobile use is staggering and will continue on this upward climb as mobile phones become more affordable and carry better accessibility features. Since business will also increase in turns of mobility and global reach, you will have a chance to reach a wider market and not be limited by land, sea or air. As of 2014, mobile Internet access has overtaken desktop Internet access. Mobile is not a trend. It is a reality. It’s probable you have friends who don’t even own a desktop computer because they do everything via tablet or phone.

Reach #3 You Have a Chance to Earn More

With a wider reach, your income opportunities increase exponentially. Another way to put it: unless you adapt to the real changes in ecommerce, your business will die slowly. It’s like the Mom and Pop stores that eventually became convenience stores and supermarkets. Today Mom and Pop stores are barely around (except for savvy ones that jumped online and sold goods to a mass market) and those that still operate have very little leeway for expansion and higher revenues under most circumstances.

Statistics of 2014 showed that 70% of mobile searches led to higher web traffic and eventual purchases. It is time to optimize for mobile.

Reason #4 Search Engines Prefer Mobile Friendly Sites

There’s no denying the benefit here. Recent changes in search engine algorithms have begun to change and will continue on for the rest of the year and onwards. Google has scooped up a majority of the search engine market share, and they were the first to make the algorithm changes to prioritize mobile-friendly sites. Clearly, the leader of the pack knows that someday soon mobility and quicker access to information will rule business and the Internet.

Reason #5 Consumers are Spending on Mobile and Purchases Using Mobile is Increasing

Here’s the clincher: people are shopping more and more using their mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones as a shopping tool. And many mobile phone plan providers are making it easier by allowing their subscribers to sign up for a payment plan linked to their subscription. The subscribers don’t even have to use their credit cards or any other online payment plan. For them, this is a security concern that has been resolved for them prompting them to spend according to their limits on their subscription plan.

If these 5 reasons aren’t good enough to convince you to start shifting to a mobile-friendly website, give us a call and let us explain in detail how we can help your business grow.