Aerial View Photography and Video Services at Planned Growth

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Drone 6At Planned Growth, we are constantly evolving and working to offer a wide range of up to date solutions for a variety of companies of every size. Some of the services which we are now offering that we are very excited about is Aerial view videos and photos.

Aerial video is captured by using aerial platforms, which are low flying, with Global Positioning Systems and automated image processing that helps to improve the accuracy of data collection, while providing a cost effective solution. Also, recorders can use in-flight voice records from the cockpit intercom system and the audio narration can be a great additional tool for documentation and communication. Plus, these flight platforms allow for low and slow flights, which help to capture a visual recording without motion blur. This video service provides a crisp and clear view of the photographic point of interest.

Planned Growth also offers services of aerial photography. Low altitude aerial photography is known to have benefited real-estate advertising with commercial and residential properties as the photogenic subject. However, the capabilities of using aerial photography extends outside of real estate purposes and can also be used to cover specific events as well.

At Planned Growth, we believe that using aerial view photography and video can be a technologically advanced way to capture the interest of your clients. As you will find that these particular videos and photography add a touch of sophistication and relevance to your company and what you are trying to sell. The technology used to capture these photographs and video add an unexpected detail to your promotional efforts.

If you are interested in learning more about Planned Growth’s Aerial view videos and photography, contact us today for this new and interesting way for your company to put their best foot forward.

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