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In recent years, several top startup businesses have chosen to start with mobile and create and app exclusive experience. Though, some of these businesses have found success with a mobile focus, such as Uber and Hotel Tonight, they are also excluding themselves from the opportunities offered by SEO. Consequently, pages found within an app will soon be as easy to search for as pages on a website and mobile-only companies will be able to compete in a more direct fashion with company websites through search results. These updates are set to result in dramatic changes within SEO.

In efforts to improve user experience for search results, Google over the past years, has introduced a number of changes, which include the implementation of Panda and Penguin, while successful SEO tactics have pretty much remained unchanged. Also, new search engines have tried to compete, but Google, Yahoo, and Bing, still control over 97 percent of search within the U.S. Plus, even though Facebook and other social media channels have seen rising success, most organic acquisition still comes from web-based search engines.

Here, we will discuss upcoming Google and Apple changes that are set to affect SEO practices.

Currently, Google is working to integrate its search engine with its Android operating system. In fact, within recent months, Google has launched a number of related changes which include app indexing, deep linking, and Google On Tap. There are also companies like URX, Branch, and Tapstream, which are providing tools that simplify the process of integrating these new technologies for app developers.

These recent developments mean that users are now able to search for app content directly from Google search and have app content available to them within the Android operating system. Also, Apple recently announced its own search engine with iOS 9 and El Capitan launching this upcoming fall, meaning that Apple users will be able to search for content from their devices with Spotlight and Safari search.

These recent developments are showing how Google and Apple are working to transition search from the web to your device, as well as making app content as accessible as a web page.

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