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Benefits of WordPress Over DIY Website Builders

wordpress-923188_1920As you embark on building a new website for your business you will at some point be faced with deciding whether you should use the much acclaimed WordPress platform or go with a DIY type website builder.

Here are 6 reasons you should utilize WordPress over the other options

  1. No coding needed.Most other options require that you have knowledge of coding and HTML, whereas most web hosting companies have forms of one-click install for WordPress making it very easy and intuitive to set up your new website.
  1. Numerous design options.The design variety is vast with WordPress. There are thousands of WordPress themes available to use, many of them are free and are able to be easily customized. You don’t have to worry that your website will look exactly like so many other websites. Additionally, there are over 24,000 plug-ins available to customize each part of your website to your needs and design preferences.
  1. You control your site.Going with WordPress and self-hosting your site means that you maintain control over that site and any changes that do occur, whereas if you’re using a third-party site builder you do not truly own the site. If this site builder goes out of business or gets hacked, your website with them is gone. This is not the case with a WordPress site.
  1. SEO Friendly. Search Engine Optimization is vital if you want your site to be found. Google search integrates seamlessly with WordPress sites since WordPress offers many built-in SEO features. Many of the popular WordPress plug-ins will walk you through how to maximize SEO for your site, letting you know if you need to add more headers, more keywords, or even more images.
  1. It’s Open Source. This means there are always thousands of people working on improving the functionality of the platform, which for you means constant updates and staying in the loop with the current trends and needs of the web community.
  1. The support is unparalleled. With WordPress being so well utilized they have a top-notch support team. If you encounter problems any time of the day or night there is someone available to help you. If you don’t want to contact the WordPress team directly you can search on the well-moderated community user forums for the answers you need. You will never be alone in managing any support issues if you use WordPress.

The list of reasons that WordPress is better than a DIY platform is endless, but these are some of the more popular reasons that so many choose and stay with WordPress.