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COVID Recovery Marketing Strategy

COVID Recovery Marketing Strategy

We are all ready to get back to work! Although it may not be time yet, now IS the time to start thinking about how your business or organization will come out on the other side of this challenging time. We believe we can all come out of this stronger if we work together. Thats why we have put together these 5 steps to creating a COVID Recovery Marketing Strategy for your organization.


#1: Set a Goal

Every good marketing strategy starts with a realistic and specific goal. It is important to determine whether your goal is to increase leads, or drive more sales whether they be online or in your store. Another good goal to think about during this time specifically is brand awareness. When the smoke begins to clear from the COVID-19 outbreak it will be extremely important to let people know you are open for business! Get your brand out there with an encouraging message and let people know you are there for THEM.


#2: Budget

Setting a realistic budget is vital for a successful marketing strategy. And now its more important than ever to make sure your money goes as far as possible. Don’t just guess what your budget should be. Utilize free resources like the Google Keyword Planner or SEMRush (also has paid version) to research and determine what your budget should be to accomplish your goal.


#3: Target Audience

The best way to make sure your budget goes its furthest is by targeting the right audience. This can be done by choosing the right keywords or using social media to determine interests. Social Ads on Facebook and Instagram are a great way to target very narrow audiences and get the most out of your money. Also keep in mind that your audience will determine your media.


#4: Choose Media

With so many options these days it’s hard to know where to start. But if you took the time to determine your target audience than your choice of media will almost be done for you. For example, if your target audience is adults aged 40+ you will want to spend most of your time and money on Facebook and Email Marketing. If you are a B2B business you will want to focus on LinkedIn. There is a ton of available research that shows the demographics for each media platform. Do the research and find out where your target audience ALREADY is and meet them there.


#5: Automate

Make your campaign scalable with automation! There are so many tools today to help automate simple tasks like sending followup emails. If you don’t already have a CRM for your organization we highly recommend Zoho. With over 40 applications to run your entire organization at a starting price of $30/month you really can’t beat Zoho! So take your marketing to the next level with Zoho and finish 2020 strong.

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