Why Don’t you Blog About it?

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Blog About It“Blog” is just another buzzword that often intimidates people before they even give it a chance. But, we have good news. If you are reading this, you have ventured onto a blog post, which is basically a digital journal for articles and information. While many people have personal blogs to share details of their life with family, friends or community groups, businesses can use blogs to impact their bottom line.

So what are the guidelines to writing a blog? First of all, a blog allows you to share your expertise with current and potential customers. Posts can cover information about your industry, products and services or customer satisfaction stories. This is especially helpful if you have a niche market that isn’t commonly understood by the general public.

When posting, keep in mind you need to avoid constant self-promotion. While this seems obvious, you need to include content that people actually care about, which can be challenging at times when trying to create new, unique content.

Another benefit of a blog is how easy it is to post. Blog posts don’t have to be long – five to seven short paragraphs with valuable information can do the trick. Shorter paragraphs make it more likely people will actually read your post. Keep paragraphs around two to three sentences when possible to keep your content precise and effective.

How can a blog work for you? Writing posts with valuable information can assert your company in the mind of the consumer as an expert opinion, you become someone that can be trusted to know their stuff. In addition, when a customer reads your blog, they can comment and provide their opinion (if you allow), which makes them feel like they have a voice that you value.

In addition, when blog posts are written in first person by a company executive or a customer about their positive experience, you humanize your company. Many times, people never make a connection with a company, and therefore, don’t feel any sort of loyalty. When you give your company a face or a personality that customers can connect with, they are more likely to have a vested interest in your products and your success.

How can a blog work for you?

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