How Google+ Virtual Tours Can Boost Ranking & Traffic

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Virtual TourGoogle+ (or Google Plus) is often incorrectly presumed to be more complicated than Facebook or other social media platforms. This might be because of the word “Google,” which is synonymous with the complex programming and algorithms that run the world most used search engine. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, and Google+ struggled a bit when it was launched in 2011.

However, after a few tweaks here and there, and some top management changes, Google+ now offers immense potential, especially with its virtual tours. Using the power of the most extensive search engine database, you can not only create a virtual tour of the interior of your establishment, but you can use Google Maps to provide directions to your place of business.

Your virtual tour also can be used with Google Plus Local that provides detailed information, reviews, and images of your products, on your website, on Facebook, and will appear on a Google Organic Search if you are able to strategize your marketing well.

Imagine being able to market to people globally without having to travel or make expensive phone calls! You can reach millions with your virtual tours, and have people from all over the world walk into your place of business because they have seen everything you offer on a virtual tour.

Your ranking and web traffic will also benefit because with the right planning, because your virtual tour could easily go viral. In fact, you should consider adding new ways to communicate with the world by adding translation of your web content (and virtual tour video) into the top languages of the world.

It’s also significant that the virtual tour is in rich media, which means it’s like peering into reality. Viewers can interact directly with a streaming video! It’s amazing to see this kind of technology on your website and your Facebook business account. As if that’s not enough to get excited about, just imagine the reaction and long-term effects it will have on visitors to your online accounts.

The benefits of having a virtual tour are constantly increasing since Google has never been known to rest on its achievements. The company continues to work on Google+ and improve the features and functions. The most up-to-date statistics show impressive figures:

  • 71% satisfaction rating among American customers
  • A bounce rate of almost 50%
  • As of March 2015, there are 27 million unique monthly visits
  • 70% of top brands use Google+


Just look at some of the top benefits you can enjoy by adding a Google+ virtual tour:

  • Outstanding user experience. People love watching video streaming and getting an inside look into a business. It adds value to their time spent on your Google+ page and increases the overall positive vibe toward a business.
  • It is cost effective. One virtual tour can be posted on not just your website or Google+ page, but on other platforms as well. You can share it and get others to pass it on. Also, with Google+ as your business partner, you can expect a ton of support for your online business. After all, when Google speaks, makes changes, or adds new applications, people listen. They check it out, and are almost always impressed, which puts you in an excellent position.
  • It makes your online presence dynamic. Interested in being different and innovative? Then the virtual tour is just the starting but necessary point to getting there. Experts have always said that watching is generally preferred over reading because it tickles the auditory and visual senses.


If you want to be on board with the latest trends in social behavior, try using virtual tours. There is absolutely nothing better than giving online users what they want so they don’t have to go searching for more information. A virtual tour can provide answers and sell products faster than the average 3 minutes and 47 seconds that a person stays on a Google+ page.

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