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Introduction to Vector Artwork and its Advantages 

If you are an established graphic designer or interested in graphic designing, you might have stumbled upon the term “vector art“. If you are looking to have something printed like a T-Shirt, Banner, or Brochure, you will want to make sure you are familiar with this term. In this article, we have shared a beginner’s guide to vector artwork and its importance in print projects.

What is Vector Artwork? 

Vector artwork is a type of art that is composed entirely of vector graphics. These images are made up of mathematical formula-based dots, lines, curves, and forms. When you scale a vector picture file, there is no loss of sharpness or quality, so it may be scaled to any size you want. It’s a great tool for placing corporate logos on business cards, designing posters, and photo editing in Adobe Photoshop. Some of the common vector files types are .PDF, .CDR, .FH, .AI, .EPS, and .EMF.

Vector Artwork is the combination of art and design that is used to create illustration and digital arts. Furthermore, let’s dive deep into the advantages of vector artworks in print projects.

1. Scalable 

The main advantage of vector artworks is scalability. Vector graphics seem clean and perfect at any scale because they are created from mathematical vector connections or interactions between points that produce lines and curves. For starters, you may grasp an object, swiftly zoom in on a microscopic detail, analyze all of its aspects, and then fast return to a more reasonable size. You can easily zoom in and out using vectors. Furthermore, you can export any vector object to any size without losing quality. This means no undesired pixelation or blurring, and, more significantly, no file size increase.

2.  Created Instinctively

Vector graphics may be created in the same way that you would sketch on paper. This is because the building elements or vector graphics are lines. With actions similar to sketching on paper, vector editing software allows you to construct forms such as squares, rectangles, rounds, and stars effortlessly. In addition, exactly like sketching, you can draw lines to make whatever you wish. Lines may be joined to create basic forms or elaborate, realistic drawings.

 3. Reusable 

With vector graphics, you can quickly build an item, copy it, and move it across the canvas. You may also capture an item and exponentially replicate it, rapidly and efficiently producing multiple duplicates of an object. You may even make clones of an item that alter in response to the original’s modifications. Finally, you may easily export or copy any component of a design or composition to some other vector composition.

4. Looks Realistic 

Vector graphics can create designs that appear extremely lifelike and exact. Scientific graphics, technical drawings, plans, maps, charts, and data graphs can all be created. This is achievable because of vector software’s ability to alter an item to the millimeter. It can be moved accurately using coordinates, along vertical and horizontal axes, and bent mathematically.

5. Easy to Edit 

A vector graphic’s components can be independently altered. You don’t have to duplicate the entire design when you alter it. You simply select the sections you wish to change and you’re done. It will help you save time and save headaches if the design has to be corrected. It may be customized to include features such as color, outline, and fill.

6. Exceptional Print Quality 

Another significant advantage of vector art is that they look nice not only on the web but also in print. When you create your print advertising in vector format, you can be confident that it will preserve all of its aesthetic attractiveness. At Planned Growth, we have been using Vector art for our designing and print projects which have been extremely beneficial for us and our clients.

7. Smaller File Size 

The reduced file size is easier to move and load when utilized on the web. That is why some people like vector graphics since they can be readily seen on the web without having to wait for ages to see the complete image. Even if you create a large image, it will have a lesser file size than an image created elsewhere.

Vector art is amazing if you are looking to design logos and layouts for your website. Additionally, you can design logos, business cards, apparel, and other print projects using vector artwork. If you are looking to create graphics for your website or looking to design anything from business cards to t-shirts, we are here for you! You can get in touch with us via our online form or simply call us at 800-625-4769.