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Even after all the massive changes to how we use the Internet, the advent of social media and other transformations, 93% of online use still starts with a search, from reading the latest news and social events to working to browsing for fun.

That’s likely why the growth of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is only preceded by the growth of search engines. Anyone who wants to appear in a search in a highly competitive world will have to use SEO to get on the top pages of a search.

The reason to be on top is evident in the statistics. With the help of SEO, a person or business enjoys a 14.6% close rate on leads and a 1.7% close rate increase on outbound leads. This clearly reveals the powerful tool that SEO is for anyone determined to succeed online.

For 2014, here are some of the latest trends that should excite and motivate you to continue with your SEO efforts or start doing SEO:

Trend 1 – 3 Top Algorithm Updates

Panda 4.0, Penguin and Hummingbird are 3 of the algorithms used by Google and for 2014; the trend of these 3 is to kick out spammers, black hats, and content farmers. If you want to stay relevant and on Google search pages, you will avoid spam and duplicate content and black hat tricks. It’s not that hard! What you have to do is post fresh and unique content or find someone who can do it for you! Do that, and you’ll have a leg up on people still relying on the same old tricks to boost their rankings … except those tricks won’t work anymore and they won’t know why.

Trend 2 – SEO For Mobile Devices

With the use of mobile phones and tablets increasing dramatically to access the Internet, the following statistics have been confirmed by different research agencies around the globe:

  • 4 out of every 5 use their smartphone or tablet to shop around
  • 48% actively use the mobile device while shopping
  • Almost 50% of shoppers feel they are more informed than store clerks
  • 61% of Americans own a smartphone and use it to access the Internet
  • The number of mobile coupon users is expected to increase to 53.2 million this year from 12.3 million in 2010
  • Mobile devices are more cared for than wallets or passports. In fact, a consumer would be more stressed if he or she forgot his smartphone than he would if he lost his wallet.
  • All these figures point to the need to start using SEO geared towards reaching the mobile market.

Trend 3 – Location-Based Searches

There is an obvious increase in location-based searches. According to Google, 20% of the searches are for locations, while 56% of smartphone users tap into the Internet to look for a store or specific location. With this in mind, you can focus on getting your business on the map instead of being product-specific.

Use these 3 SEO trends to strategize and increase traffic to your online business instead of relying on just the standard, traditional techniques. With the right SEO plan, you can corner your target market and increase your profit margin way beyond your initial business income projections for 2014. Lastly, keep in touch with SEO updates and techniques because with all the new changes in Google, expect new ideas to come rolling in from top marketing experts.

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