How SEO works Miracles on Facebook Pages


fb_flickr_qHow SEO Works Miracles on Facebook Pages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more important on Facebook than ever before, and taking advantage of that fact with several key strategies is paramount for marketers as they adapt to Facebook’s new lay-out.

SEO is penetrating Facebook and other social media platforms in astonishing speed, nimbly adapting to better find what customers want in the places they most like to be online. At the same time, with Pinterest and Google+ breathing down its neck, Facebook has been moving quickly too by launching a drastic change. They rolled out a single column page format for Facebook Pages that is used for online business and public profiles. This is expected to keep the strength of Facebook from super strong to almost impenetrable strong.

It seemed inevitable, SEO experts said, that Facebook would come down from its lofty position. Many thought it would happen when the company went public and tanked. Many others believe that it will happen this year. And yet statistics show that as of the 3rd week of April 2014, Facebook increased its active uses to 1.28 billion from 1 billion in 2012 and only 500 million in 2010. Even though it slowed down, Facebook’s numbers are still impressive compared to Twitter’s 230 million active users.

The New Look Of Facebook & How It Will Help SEO Efforts

How does this effect SEO and marketers? It starts with the new lay-out and what it truly means. The single column lay-out is a concession to consumers by Facebook – the company that once swore it would never give users the control button to customize and streamline their Facebook accounts. With the new format, personal Facebook Page accounts will start to look more professional and less cluttered.

This means SEO can be more effective as Facebook business accounts start to customize their Pages. This change is expected to happen over the next few weeks either by the administrator of the Facebook Page or by Facebook itself once it completes switching to the new design.

SEO Tricks for Facebook Pages

Here are a few tricks you can use to optimize your business presence on Facebook. They are simple and pack a punch as far as getting noticed.

  • Every Facebook Page has an About section. Use it to put content that is keyword-rich without going overboard. The content has to make sense. You should also do the same with your Profile.
  • The Info tab is also an important area that should have the top keywords to describe your business. Make sure you completely fill out the blank spaces because it will help local searches find you
  • Use links within your Facebook Page to draw traffic to your business website.
  • Avoid repetitive content.
  • Use images and videos to create interest and engage your viewer. Images draw a significantly higher engagement rate than text-only posts, so much so that you should almost always consider having a visual of some sort.

As a final word on the new design, use the Pages To Watch section to keep an eye on your closest competitor and how they are performing. It contains interesting figures and posts and will definitely be an inside peek into what’s happening in your industry. One little trick: If you follow some businesses on Pages to Watch, Facebook will tell you when they have a top-performing post. Look at the content – and the keywords – in that post, and see how you can put your own spin on it.

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