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Smart Email Campaigns For Effective Marketing

Technology and high-quality marketing solutions play a huge role in entrepreneurial success. However, as an entrepreneur, you must use the latest technological advances and never compromise on effective marketing strategies when engaging with prospects and customers. At Planned Growth, we are a leading digital marketing enterprise who understands the power of marketing and technology. Therefore, we use technologically advanced and innovative Zoho Campaigns for all our clients.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns enables our clients to capitalize on email marketing efforts by not only initiating contact with their targeted audience, but also developing constant dialogue that will enhance communication, introduce relevant products, establish a stronger brand, and deliver a powerful marketing message at the same time. At Planned Growth, we understand that in order to attain and retain clients, a company needs to make sure that every marketing dollar spent is used wisely and effectively – and we’ve developed an innovative strategy to do this!

As a part of your digital marketing campaign, Planned Growth gives you access to customized CRM, SEO, and writing services. To take your marketing to the next level, we support these services through Zoho Campaigns. Every business wants to interact with their target audience, speak to them in a more personalized way, and retain them for service in the future too. Zoho allows us to do this, and more!


Planned Growth customizes every aspect of email marketing effectively and keeps it highly targeted to let your business speak directly to the potential customers. Zoho Campaigns works on various levels and streamlines the marketing process for our clients. Here’s a fast look at the way the Zoho Campaigns by Planned Growth functions at various levels for our clients:

  • Campaigns connects clients to probable clients through emails and targeted social media platforms.
  • Campaigns personalizes the subject and every detail of the emails it sends on your behalf, to your clients, through your mailbox.
  • Along with the personalization services, Campaigns also creatively presents data and what you want to communicate to your client.
  • The services are just the right tool that busy entrepreneurs and business owners need to communicate better with their clients.
  • Campaigns segments and manages email lists with efficiency to give you a focused approach to deal with your clients.
  • You can automate the process of sending emails through autoresponders with Campaigns.

To be precise, Zoho Campaigns humanizes your content by making your emails look personalized, unlike other automated emails. Whether it is a promotional piece or a company introduction, rest assured that your email in your client’s mailbox will read as a personally written email. By having access to customized templates, you can methodically reach out to and connect with clients in an effective manner. Your marketing efforts become more effective and purposeful!

Even if you have thousands of subscribers in your Zoho Campaigns account, you can still send emails to all your subscribers on a regular basis. Plus, with segmentation features, you can segment each outgoing email and list so that you have more accurate list management processes, which leads to higher open rates. Doing so will also increase the efficiency of your campaigns as your processes are streamlined specifically to your marketing targets.

Apart from all the personalized and streamlined processes targeted to your clients, Zoho Campaigns by Planned Growth allows you to automate your process of sending more targeted and effective emails. You can create a sign-up-based autoresponder to automatically send a welcome email to each new subscriber. Additionally, you can coordinate the autoresponders to schedule an already completed campaign for a future date and time. This will help you engage with your clients from time to time. Even when you are away, the responders will perform on your behalf and constantly send emails to your clients reminding them of all the exciting things happening with your brand.

Reach more potential customers through a systematic email campaign with Zoho Campaigns by Planned Growth.

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