The Combination of Creativity and Technology in Marketing Today

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Creativity-TechnologyThe business of marketing continues to make crucial shifts, as we rely more on our technological devices like mobiles, tablets, and laptops. Today, the focus has become to create campaigns that effectively translate digitally through social media, advertising, and e-commerce.

The goal is to provide real-time conversations between brands and people, while technological advancements continue to change the way marketing operates. Corporate marketing departments are now focusing on creating narratives that are relevant to people, while heavily relying on technical data, digital engineering, and analytics. Meaning, that marketing departments are combining creative efforts with the use of technical information, which can prove to be a challenge.

Traditionally, marketing is about comprehending people’s motivations and insights in order to create effective campaigns that uniquely promote brands. Today, campaigns are formed from a creative process that is made possible by technology, using mathematics, statistics, and computing. The current technological world has not stopped the creativity in marketing, though it has changed the way it is delivered and how it shows up in conversation between the brand and people.

This digital era, along with technological advancements have shifted the speed in which marketing campaigns are delivered, as well as affected the relevance and reach of the campaigns. Since marketing campaigns are delivered at a faster speed than ever before, the relevancy of the campaign and the message can also be increased and targeted to specific groups with relevant content. Also, since the reach of marketing has stretched because of the digital age, a message can be received through different relevant platforms.

All of this means that it is necessary that marketing departments remain technologically educated in order to create relevant content and campaigns. These changes in marketing departments have not only resulted in creatives becoming more informed about technology, but is also resulting in technically focused staff understanding the more creative aspect of the department.

This combination of the creative and technological side of marketing, is proving to be crucial to the success of a company’s marketing efforts, as it all works to provide relevant and precise marketing campaigns and conversations between the brand and the people.

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