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2018 Social Media Daily Plan: You Only Need 10 Minutes

The Internet minute was an idea seen all over the digital world in 2017, although the concept was first introduced several years ago. This concept made experts contemplate the micro rather than the macro – or the statistical minute rather than annual statistics. The results were stunning and include the following big reveals:

In just 60 seconds, the following happened online in 2017:

  • 900,000 Facebook logins
  • 1 million YouTube views
  • 46,200 Instagram posts
  • 8 million new Snaps
  • 452,000 Tweets
  • 120 new LinkedIn accounts

As a business owner, if you can allocate just 10 minutes a day to work on your social media blitz, then you have enough time to build your online presence.

However, before you implement your daily plan, there are a few critical guidelines that should be adhered to such as:

  • Know the right time of the day to work that 10 minute plan to maximize your efforts. Furthermore, understand that the time life of a social media post differs per platform. For instance, a tweet has approximately 24 minutes before it gets swamped by other tweets while a Facebook post tends to last for at least 2 hours.
  • Check and recheck everything before posting. Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes will damage your reputation and make it harder to build or rebuild your brand.

The 10 Minute Social Media Plan

With only 10 minutes daily to work on your business social media accounts, time management is crucial. This means you need to be disciplined and not get distracted by anything – at least for that 10 minutes. The best 10-minute social media plan is not trying to cram everything into 10 minutes but work on specific tasks each day.

Monday – Check updates, notifications and get updated. Take a few seconds to post a quick reply to comments, feedback, and reviews. You should have templates that you can post automatically with the option for personalization.

Tuesday – This is the day to set aside for accounts reviews, calendars and installations. The objective for this day is to remove any social content gaps, not just for this week, but even up to the following week. At the same time, set aside a couple of minutes to write one or two posts for your followers to keep your brand in the consciousness and build engagement.

Wednesday – Wednesday is time to focus on advertising and promotions. The goal is to make sure that your advertising strategy matches your target market and network engagement. You should also consider geomarketing so your ads target your area and only place ads on the posts that generate the most interest from your followers.

Thursday – The general concept of social media is that “it’s about me and my activities.” You need to get out of this mold and work on making your social media accounts also about topics that would interest your followers. On your free time, search the Internet for community, industry, and national news or human interest stories, preferably something that has not yet been picked up and gone viral. Then, on Thursdays, you can post one or two stories that you think will enhance your profiles.

Friday – Friday’s ten minutes should be reserved for analytics of the week’s work. This is the time to tap tools that can help you measure and generate an in-depth analysis of your social media accounts. You should be able to find out which posts had the most views or generate the most leads and work with these results for the following week’s work.

If you happen to occasionally go beyond your 10-minute allotment, don’t stress. Some days your social media accounts will require a little more time due to special circumstances or situations.