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5 Top Social Media Marketing Tips for Non-Profit Companies


With social media taking the Internet by storm, it is easier for non-profit organizations to utilize the sites and their capabilities. Facebook and Twitter are two of the many social media groups that business owners use to market their products and/or services. This is also a great way to advertise without all of the expenses. Below you will find five tips for marketing on a social media site.

1. Know what your communication strategy is or will be.

This will be based on how you will connect the organization’s social media with the website or blog associated with the organization, as well as how are you going to market different promotions that may be on the actual website or blog to the social media site.

2. The organization’s goals in communications should be clear.

You will want to remember to:
a. Engage the community.
b. Retain followers.
c. Acquire new followers.
d. Generate an awareness for the non-profit organization.

3. Get to know who your target audience will be, which can be determined by looking at demographic data and information of the members or customers of your organization.

There is a program that you can use to connect each of your profiles. The program will then determine the demographics of your audiences to make marketing a little bit easier. You can find the program here: Sprout Media.

4. Choose the right social media networks and create a content strategy.

Using a few social media sites to promote your non-profit organization may be more efficient than trying to use many sites at one time. This will allow you to focus on your target audience. To determine what type of content you will be sharing with your audience, always engage your followers and potential new followers. Determine what type of things you want to share. This could be customer ratings or highlights of the business. Also remember that using images or short videos is another great way to attract attention to the non-profit organization. Not every post will need a link; however, this is a great way to drive traffic to the main webpage or blog. Also remember that you won’t want to post so often that you overtake someone’s social media page with marketing information, but you want to post enough to keep the organization fresh in everyone’s mind.

5. Respond to posts, comments, or questions promptly.

Even though there is limited time for non-profit organizations to spend on social media, it is important to respond to your followers, as this cultivates a connection to the non-profit organization and lets the followers know they are being heard. Responding to a comment or question does not need to be formal on social media. However, you want to ensure that you answer any questions or concerns to the best of your ability in the allotted space that is provided to the organization.