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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Zoho Meeting For Your Business 

Because of the pandemic, companies had to take a different approach to run their daily activities. The popularity of video conferencing apps has taken the world by storm and companies are adapting to the new normal. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and Zoho Meeting are some of the best video conferencing applications that have been the go-to solution for businesses. Zoho Meeting is a low-cost solution for companies looking to collaborate with their peers online. Our experts at Planned Growth have shared why you should choose Zoho Meeting for your business in 2022 and beyond.

1. Free Plan 

You may rely on Zoho Meeting’s free plan for infrequent video conferencing needs. However, it can only support up to 100 meeting participants for video conferencing and a limit of hundred attendees for its webinar software. If you have a large team, you may test the waters by signing up for any premium plan and taking advantage of the 14-day free trial. This way, you may get the full Zoho Meeting experience and cancel at any time if it does not fit your requirements. The best part is you don’t need to enter your credit card details to test out the free trial.

 2. Intuitive and Easy-To-Use Interface 

Thanks to the latest update, Zoho Meeting is more intuitive and easy-to-use. The dashboard is super clean, and you can easily find what you are looking for without any hassle. The redesigned and improved meeting UI includes everything you need for a distraction-free, productive session. You can use the minimum meeting toolbar for everything you need during a meeting, such as taking notes, chatting, modifying settings, audio, or setting preferences. Additionally, you can set your meeting toolbar to vanish after the usage for a clutter-free experience, or keep it constant throughout.

 3. More Secure Than Ever 

The video conferencing app is devoted to safeguarding your privacy and data when you have online meetings with audio, video, and screen sharing. Zoho Meeting has many security measures to keep your meetings secure, including the Lock Meetings function, organization-level video controls, and Entry/Exit alerts. Zoho Meeting additionally encrypts audio, video, and screen sharing to ensure the security of your data as it travels over the internet. You don’t have to worry about any security threats while you are communicating with your peers about confidential information. 

 4. Screen Sharing at Its Finest 

Screen sharing, which is available to all users, adds context to any debate. By presenting what’s on your screen while presenting a presentation, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page. You may opt to share your full screen, a window, or a specific browser tab. You may also offer remote connection to one or more of the attendees, allowing them to not only view your screen but also communicate with you and operate on the same projects in real-time.

 5. Easily Accessible Through Browser

 You can create and attend a video conference or webinar directly from your web browser with Zoho Meeting. There’s no need to install software that takes up disk space and exposes your machine to security risks. As a participant, you may also attend a video conference from your mobile device using Zoho Meeting’s mobile app. If your internet connection is as sluggish as a turtle, Zoho also offers toll-free dial-in numbers so you may participate in audio conferences over the phone from anywhere on the globe.

 6.  Integration With Your Favorite Software

You can easily enhance your Zoho meeting versatility by integrating with your favorite software, including most of the Zoho platforms. You can integrate the solution with popular apps in marketing, sales, digital collaboration, and event management solutions. Zoho meeting allows integration with third-party applications like Google, MS Outlook, Slack, Microsoft Team, and other applications to boost your performance.

 7. Affordable Premium Plan 

If you are not satisfied with your free plan or you want to up the scale, you can opt for a premium plan, starting at just $3/month. This amount may vary based on your specific requirements. The premium plan comes with features such as virtual backgrounds, remote control, meeting lock, integration, branding, and more. Furthermore, you will get an extra 15% off if you pay for this service annually.

In a nutshell, Zoho Meeting is a go-to solution for small and mid-sized businesses looking to optimize their remote collaboration. It has the perfect blend of functionality and affordability. If you are looking to integrate Zoho solution for your business then you can reach us through our online form or simply call us at 800-625-4769.