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A New Beginning, A New Report System

new reports

Planned Growth has a new report system! Not to worry – it’s not very different from the previous one, but new features include the following:

  • An easier-to-read format.
  • Simpler tables and graphs.
  • Quick data find.
  • Less words, more graphics.

Let’s Start with the Changes in the Time Sheets

The old format has been revamped to make it less crowded. Some of the significant changes include:

  • Decreasing the columns from 8 to 6 by removing the Client and Project columns.
  • Organization according to date to avoid having to scroll up or down in search of a specific date.
  • Removal of the total time spent on different work platforms, which has shortened the time sheet and made it less complex. You can still get this information upon request.

Overall, the time sheets are more coherent and larger in font size (for those who prefer the larger sized-fonts – you will no longer have a problem reading the time sheet, as you won’t have to zoom in anymore!).

Other Changes

  • The Social Marketing section has been moved farther down on the report because it now incorporates in-depth analysis of specific social media platform performances like Facebook and Twitter. Naturally, the social marketing section will reflect those social media platforms with which your account is active.
  • In addition, instead of a myriad of lengthy explanations, the reports are clear and simple using tables and graphs. A picture does say a millions things faster than words can – so we adjusted!
  • A significant change happens right after the time sheet. You now get an overview of the past weeks’ performance in a colorful, sleek chart that displays all marketing efforts. In a few minutes, you will see how much work has been done on specific efforts. Following that is a breakdown of traffic – also in a large table format.
  • After the Overview is the SEO section, which used to be 6 separate sections in the old report system and has now been incorporated into one user-friendly format including definition of terms, quick facts, and in-depth timeline presented in beautiful line graphs.
  • The new report system also has a section on organic growth with corresponding metrics and a quick referral table on AdWords performance.
  • At the end of the report is a summary from Planned Growth on email marketing, campaign reach, Opens report, Clicks report, and other relevant statistics.
  • This new report system will enable you to create improved strategies and campaigns that will deliver outstanding marketing results and phenomenal chances for success. Together, we can build a better website.

For any questions or clarifications on the new system, do not hesitate to contact us at