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Getting to Know Your Dashboard

freshdesk-ticketing-systemcreate-support-accountThe process is pretty straight forward: Projects are created as tickets, and tickets are assigned to agents. As a Planned Growth Client, you have complete access to your dashboard. This means you can view every step of every project. But even more useful is the ability to communicate with both individual agents and groups at any time on any project. This cuts down on confusion and keeps everybody focused on the same goal. With the ability to oversee all communication on a project, as well as intervene when you see necessary, you can be sure your goals and visions are being met.

We believe this complete transparency best allows our clients to understand how their marketing dollars are being utilized. With so many companies on the market throwing around terms like “SEO” and “SMM” and “SEM”, sometimes it is hard to know what you are actually paying for. With the Planned Growth ticket management system, you are able to track what has been done and how much time was used.

The ticket management system has these features:

  • Every ticket is assigned to the right party.
  • Every ticket is resolved and filed for easy retrieval.
  • Smart and automated from receipt of ticket to resolution.

Of course, the best way to familiarize yourself with the Planned Growth Support Portal Dashboard is to login and try it for yourself!