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Getting the Right Kind of Help When Changing Your CMS

settings-265131_1280The Content Management System (CMS) is an application that makes it easier to manage a website. There are several kinds of CMS like WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Java Script, and PHP. It isn’t uncommon for anyone with a website to want to change their CMS for one reason or another – usually to improve the site.

Reasons to Update or Rebuild your CMS

There are several reasons a website might need redesigning, such as:

  • Your website speed is slowing down.
  • Your business is growing.
  • You want to be more responsive, especially to the mobile market.
  • You want to upgrade your design, change colors, or improve your branding.
  • Your bounce rates are too high.
  • You are getting complaints about your site.
  • The CMS you are using is an old version and no longer has adequate support.

However, saying is much easier than doing, especially with CMS, because any change can potentially affect your SEO and, more importantly, lead to a poor quality website that will affect the very reason you are on the web.

Studies show that the quality of a website is in direct proportion to the way it is managed, especially if self-managed. Of course, it cannot be denied that businesses invest in an online presence to promote their product and will consider anything to lower costs like building your own website or making changes on the website like a DIY project. The downside of making changes with the CMS on your own with an app will reflect in the output. The website mighty experience the following issues:

  • Wrong format
  • Disregard for white space
  • Security issues if the CMS you select has inborn vulnerabilities
  • Slow page load time by selecting the wrong CMS for your website
  • Picking a CMS that does not address your specific needs and team size

Based on an August 8th survey on CMS, the most popular is WordPress with over 17 million users. While you don’t have to be highly intellectual to use WordPress, there are prerequisite knowledge and skills needed if you want to use it and not be bogged down with errors and issues, namely with plugins, design editing, layouts, and maintenance. Furthermore, WordPress has a reputation for being vulnerable to viruses and attacks. Plus, if you want heavy content on your website, this CMS must be tweaked to handle the load because on its own, it does not have enough horsepower.


8 Reasons Why a Professional Will Do a Better Job

Just like you would not build your own car or house unless you are in that line of business, your CMS would benefit from the expertise of a professional for several reasons.

One, you save time and get the job done quickly.

Two, you save money because your time is money and focusing on something with a steep learning curve will take you away from running your business. However, you can ask the professional to teach you basic skills so you can make small changes on your website without compromising its quality and technical performance.

Three, a professional will be able to customize the CMS to fit your website and business needs to a “T.” With a DIY CMS app, you are bound by its design and functions – some of which are quite limiting. A professional will be able to build your website so you attract your target market and decrease bounce rate. You will also enjoy infinite possibilities compared with working with a few templates.

Four, you will have a better user experience. A professional team will be able to select the best topography, lay-outs, accessibility, and interactive elements so your message is appealing to your market. Users will also benefit from easy navigation and be able to enjoy the website.

Five, SEO will improve. With the help of an expert, structural changes with the CMS will not affect SEO and will in fact boost it. This means web traffic will not be affected negatively because there will be no broken links and issues with meta tags.

Six, with proper care, your website will be scalable. This means you won’t suffer quality when you make modifications or post new content.

Seven, you are guaranteed service and ongoing maintenance.

Finally, your credibility as an online presence will advance because you will have a website that performs and operates seamlessly. You will not experience erratic design elements, which would affect traffic, and you will become the benchmark for your industry because of your well-developed website.