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Growing and Succeeding with our Monthly Overview Meetings

Meetings – some love them, some hate them; some want them short, others want them lengthy. Truly, the length and breadth of a meeting is not as important as its objective. In 1896, when the idea of meetings was established, it was prompted by the need to share information among schools. Today, this concept remains the same.

With Planned Growth, our monthly meetings are a chance for us to share information with hopes for a reciprocal effort from our clients. This is part of a marketing strategy, as our Client Service Manager Brenden follows a specific agenda that includes:

  • Going over previous months’ reports.
  • Planning for new events, campaigns, or projects.
  • Revisiting goals and objectives.
  • Sharing experiences and updates.

Brenden’s ultimate goal is to strengthen the business relationship and achieve a greater understanding of the client’s dreams and vision for success.

Why Monthly Meetings?

We become a team once you become our client and, as a team, it is important to meet to remain productive and efficient. To ensure we do not waste your time, we create an agenda, set aside an appointed time exclusively for you, and present strategies to you so your business is constantly moving forward.

The benefits gained from the monthly meetings include:

  • Having an open forum to discuss sensitive issues like motivations, fears, and hopes.
  • Offering one way for you to motivate your employees by getting them to join the meetings and feel like they are a vital part of your core group.
  • Building supportive business relationships.
  • Providing opportunities to learn more about the latest in Internet marketing, SEO and PPC methods and technologies.
  • Addressing certain issues for the first time like loopholes in a project or feedback from the market.

You may have heard the complaint that meetings are a waste of time, but studies as recent as the first quarter of 2015 show that the area of communications has become increasingly critical in this fast-paced world of today. In fact, 70% of US employees are disengaged from their work or the business they work for, and regular meetings can increase productivity by as much as 25%. More importantly, face-to-face meetings generate better results, as they assist in resolving issues on the spot and facilitating decisions regarding new strategies.