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Do you want to spice up your website? Boost your audience on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram? Try video. If you don’t have any experience with creating or planning videos, don’t worry – some helpful tips are coming your way.

First, when creating a video, you need to tailor the content to your audience, and thus your target customer. So, when planning content, start by establishing whom you want to see the video and what they would like to see based on research regarding demographics and buying data.

With your target audience established, think about your company’s personalities and stories. What is unique about the people who make up your company or the way your organization began? Who would you like to be the face of your company? If not formal spokespersons, who can you use to humanize your company, put a face to your brand? Who represents what you want your brand to be known for?

It is a lot to think about at first, but once you start brainstorming, you will be delightfully surprised at just how many ideas will come up. After all, no one should know your company and your brand more than you!

Furthermore, what are the core values and beliefs of your organization that you build your business and marketing plan off of? This could also include your mission or vision statement. While you do not need to have it scrolling across the screen, think about ways to communicate these values and visions through the video content, such as a video of an employee going out of their way to serve a customer or a photo of a nonprofit your partner with to help children in schools or veterans.

These stories and personalities are essential to humanize your brand. By creatively exposing the heart of your organization, you create valuable opportunities to connect with existing customers and harvest potential new relationships.

There are plenty of ways you can theme your video. Maybe you take your viewer “behind-the-scenes” – show them a day in the life of someone in your office or how your product is made. I am not suggesting that you expose company secrets, but a great way to make a viewer feel like they really know the heart of your business is to involve them in something that they don’t see every day.

If you don’t think that will entertain your target customer, try featuring the customers themselves! After all, they are much more likely to share the video on social media or send a link to your website to their friends if they are featured. It doesn’t have to be complicated – just interview them about their experience with your company or their favorite product that you sell.

If none of that excites you – do something entertaining or off-the-wall. If you think your target customer will respond to an abstract video, then go for it! Be creative! If you are interested in using video on your website or social media channels, contact Planned Growth to handle the project start-to-finish!