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How has Social Media Changed the World?

Just like everything, social media has its up’s and down’s.  But overall, we think social media has changed the world for the better.  It has made a vast world of 7.7 billion people (as of June 2019) seem not so big.

When your business is on social media, we’ve found the best way to reach your ideal customer is to understand what they’re looking to get out of social media.  So let’s take a look at the ways social media has changed the world for the average person and how you can capitalize on the needs of your target audience.


1.  Social media is often used to bring awareness to an issue. Who remembers the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that went viral a few years ago?  Thousands upon thousands of people were more than eager to dump ice cold water on their heads, donate to a good cause, or simple share hilarious outtakes to raise awareness.  Even if you didn’t partake in the challenge, I bet by the time it was all over you knew who ALS was.

But that is just a single example of how people use social media to raise awareness to issues and many believe it is changing the world for the better.  From raising awareness about your local animal shelters, health issues, world hunger, global warming, you name it, people are finding their voice and putting themselves out there to defend causes that are near and dear to their heart.

So how can a business capitalize on this?Many business owners will read this section and think, “we’re not a non-profit with a cause so this doesn’t apply to us.”  You may be wrong!  Hear us out.

Even if you’re not a non-profit, what causes do you care about?  Do you support your local humane society?  What causes do you think your customer base is in to?  Capitalize on it.  Find a cause and get involved with their events.  Even if they don’t have events, a post on your social media once a month or once every 6 months will bring awareness and attract your like-minded fan base!


2. People are using social media to stay in touch. Well obviously… but let’s take a deeper look.  How many of you have seen family updates from friends you haven’t talked to in years?  How many of you follow a friend on their journey to start their own business?  What about that distant relative that travels and posts the most amazing pictures of their adventures?  Now ask yourself this simple question… would you have seen those pictures and updates if you were not connected on social media?  Would you have any idea what those people are up to if you weren’t friends with them on social media?  Chances are, no.

Although you might not live in the same city, state, or even the same country, through social media we are staying “in the loop” like we never have before.  It truly is a beautiful thing.

So how can a business capitalize on this?Invite your followers into your world!  Share little quirkes about you… let them get to know YOU and your staff.  People often turn to social media to find a connection, so let them connect with you on a more personal level.


3. It’s easier to stay “in the know” when you’re on social media.  Whether use social media to stay up to speed on your local weather, or just want to see what Keanu Reeves is up to now, social media has become a great place to stay “in the know” about a variety of things.

From important topics like politics and worldwide news, to when the next Marvel movie is going to hit theaters, social media users often use their favorite platform as their main source of information.

So how can a business capitalize on this?  There’s a small, family owned grocery store nestled in a very hilly town in Arkansas.  The roads are so steep and so windy that winter weather often makes driving very treacherous.  So what makes this grocery store so special?  When winter weather hits their town, everyone goes to the grocery store’s Facebook page before heading to work to see if the roads are safe enough to venture out for their homes.  They know they will be able to find updates on which roads are clear, which ones are drivable as long as you’re cautious, and which roads are covered in ice.  Their Facebook page has become an invaluable source of information that residences can’t even get from their local news station.

So what updates can you provide your followers?  Maybe you are following a developing political story that you think your followers would be interested in following.  Or maybe you think your followers would be interested in the latest health advances.  There’s so much information out there it’s really up to you how you contribute to this ever growing demand.


4. People are looking for help with a problem. Have you noticed a post on social media asking for help instead of someone going to Google first?  Personally, the first few times I saw this it annoyed me that they didn’t just Google it, but then I realized why they were asking their peeps on social media.  They want personal experience and feedback.   Of course they could have looked up the answer, but what if one of their friend has something to add to those search results that could make their life easier?

Social media users are always looking for a deeper connection.  They love to feel connected, to learn from their friends, and offer advice when they can.  Social media has become a community of growing together and helping each other through hard times.  No wonder people post before they Google.

So how can a business capitalize on this?The days of picking up the phone to call customer service are slowly disappearing.  Instead, people are turning to social media to connect with their favorite brands when there’s a problem with their product or service.  Make yourself available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, wherever your customers are, and respond quickly to their concerns.

As an added bonus, the better your customer service on social media, the better your chance of being recommended when their friends ask for recommendations.



Social media isn’t slowing down or going away any time soon.  This looks like a trend that will stay for a very long time to come.  People love to be connected and join in on the conversation, and as a business owner, you should be in the conversation too.

At Planned Growth, we’ve been successfully managing social media accounts for businesses just like yours for nearly a decade. Contact us today and let us show you how our experienced social media team can boost your social media presence and keep you up to date with the most recent trends!