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How to Use CRM Automation the Right Way

In an ideal world, business transactions would only take one click to accept, process, update and deliver goods. The world of automation is coming pretty close to this ideal because of new software, although, as of now, it takes more than one click to do all that. The best you can hope for is to have a CRM tool that will genuinely be customer-centered. Studies show that up to 14% of new businesses fail because of poor Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which is equivalent to more than 5,400 new startups of the estimated 37,488 new companies being launched every year in the US alone.

To be customer-centered, you can start by making all interactions with consumers efficient. This can be achieved by getting the best CRM software in the market that meets your needs. The quickest way to be rejected by consumers is to frustrate them with inadequate service and incomplete answers; making them wait unnecessarily or putting them through the wringer for a simple order that should typically take a few minutes to complete.

But wait! It should never stop there! A satisfied customer is excellent but if you want insurance for repeat orders and positive word-of-mouth referrals, you should make an effort to go beyond the sale.

An efficient and reliable CRM software will provide you with the perfect customer support that goes beyond the sale. This software which you should hunt down (Insider Tip: it’s not that hard to find!) can:

  • Send personalized birthday and holiday greetings to previous and current customers and subscribers
  • Forward latest sales and discounts to customers and subscribers’ emails
  • Respond to site visits and inquiries on a personal level

Be personally amiable without stepping over the boundaries. A great CRM software will be able to provide details on the profiles of your web visitors, subscribers, and customers; but as the business owner, you cannot send emails revealing all that you know about them. That would be creepy and freak out the email recipients! However, you can create email messages and social media posts that would peak their interest and be enticing for them to revisit.

In 2017, automation was the byword for most successful businesses. The use of email blasts and social media made it possible for marketing teams to focus more on strategy and creative planning. Instead of paper pushing and running around playing catch up with sales and executive decisions, marketing and sales teams were able to stay a step or two ahead, giving them more time to respond and react to customer experience and interactions.

With the right CRM, you get to kick off multiple tasks with a few clicks of the mouse, manage connections, and stay organized and focus.


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