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Why You Need Paid and Organic Traffic for Effective Facebook Reach

As of the end of 2016, there were 1.86 billion Facebook active users with an average 17% increase every year. Yet studies show that as of December 2016, Facebook reach has been falling by an average 44% for organic reach! According to an analysis of Facebook News Feed by Ignite Social Media, the algorithm has changed to generally favor paid ads over organic content.

Not long ago, Facebook revealed that organic content has a 16% chance of reaching the audience but over the months, this has dramatically been reduced to just 2.5% or 3 people out of 100. This means fewer engaged users which translates into a less-than-effective marketing campaign. Engaged users are those who visit your Facebook page with a higher chance of buying, subscribing, or sharing your content. Clearly, Facebook has had a change of heart regarding content by encouraging more paid ads.

However, don’t rule out organic traffic just yet because studies also show that organic content results in quality engaged users and better buying action because organic content is content that your audience wants; the reason they are following you in the first place. And organic content is not aggressive “in-your-face” hard ads which most people tend to shun instinctively.

In other words, your social network is more likely to buy from a friendly post than from a pushy ad. When you post something about a great computer repair service, it’s helpful but when you have an ad on your Facebook page about repair services, it’s impersonal, hard-sell, and cold.

For organic content to be effective, you must:

  1. Not have a regimented schedule in posting content. Post content both during peak and off-peak times since Facebook feed is not done chronologically. However, do the math and experiment with the results.
  2. Respond to comments.
  3. Show your humanity and re-engage your audience with adorable, funny, or inspiring videos or photos.
  4. Use engagement metrics to find out what your audience is interested in and focus on giving them more!
  5. Use Call-To-Action (CTAs)

5 Reasons Why You Need Traffic

If you’re on Facebook and you have a business or a brand to promote, you need traffic. More visitors means more followers which in turn can translate into higher sales, better leads, and one very effective way of improving your brand’s recognition and success.

#1   Since Facebook is so popular, the first reason you need traffic is because it is global. You can now realistically expand your network to people and places around the world without having to leave your neighborhood.

#2   Facebook traffic can potentially give you real-time results and these results will help you target the right audience and content to keep the cycle alive.

#3   Traffic will boost your followers and allow you to expand and bond with your network.

#4   You have a wealth of data available to you that includes knowing and understanding your competition so you can build and develop your brand more efficiently.

#5   Finally, you need traffic because it will help you earn, become famous, or both! With more traffic, you increase your Shares and Likes and your Facebook page will appeal to other businesses willing to ride on your visibility and popularity to get ahead.