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Why You Need Positive Reviews on Facebook, G+, LinkedIn

Reviews on your online business accounts are considered dynamic content which means having reviews can be very good for business. For instance, reviews help improve conversion. Did you know that in 2015, Amazon, which is the leading retailer in the country, closed sales worth over US$107 billion? Around 42% of its customers have left reviews making it a logical website to turn to for feedback from verified customers.

If you have a business, you can turn your G+, Facebook or LinkedIn business accounts into a Go-To site. In addition, you can enjoy a conversation rate of up to 58% compared to those who do not have reviews. For every review posted, you increase your chances of closing a new sale by 3% and keeping visitors on your site longer which decreases bounce rate.

Other benefits of having reviews include:

  • Shopper confidence
  • Greater interaction
  • Better SEO results especially local ranking search
  • Higher sales as positive reviews encourage a person to choose the quality product over the lower-priced product
  • Improves credibility

Recent studies also show that 83% of consumers have begun to distrust ads whether they are posted online or in traditional mediums. They are transferring their trust to reviews provided the reviews are validated as authentic and from actual customers.

On the other hand, the power of reviews for business is in soliciting positive feedback. Negative comments generate can quickly douse interest in your product. In addition, it is important to pick the right platform for accepting reviews for your business.

  • Google + or G+ has an impressive reputation for being to go-to platform for professional services. G+ is also one of the friendliest sites for posting reviews
  • LinkedIn is great for professional networking, posting jobs, and beefing your reputation as business owner or employer
  • Facebook is perfect for introducing new concepts and businesses. People on Facebook appear more open to catching the next trend and sharing news about it

How to Get Positive Reviews

Finally, when you want to encourage positive reviews, you should keep the following in mind:

One, accuracy of information about your business. This includes business information, contact details because it is critical that you be confirmed as a legitimate business.

Two, willingness to interact with those who post reviews especially if the client has expressed disappointment with their purchase. This will allow you to turn negative remarks into something more positive.

Three, keeping the site clean and fresh. Old reviews and feedback implies that the business has stagnated while making sure that there is nothing offensive, derogatory, or malicious posted will ensure that your reviews will be appreciated by serious buyers.