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What You Need To Have In Your Videos To Take Them Viral

take-videos-viralBy 2016, industry and marketing experts are predicting that online video traffic will consume about 55% of Internet usage. Think about that. More than half of Internet usage will come from watching videos! And they’re not pulling this prediction out of the proverbial rabbit’s hat. Everything that’s happening online is pointing to this direction. The simple truth: If you don’t have video content, before long you are going to feel left behind, not unlike business owners who decided years ago that having a website was just a fad before realizing too late they grossly underestimated online business power.

After all, ask yourself and the people around you, “Which would you rather do, watch content or read content?” (You may even think that while reading this blog!)

In the past few years, there were so many videos that went viral and many of them were about products or persons unknown to the world’s majority (or about cats playing the piano). A few personalities who were unknowns and made it to international fame and fortune include Korean singer Psy, Orabrush, Zazoo condoms, and a scrawny kid named Justin Bieber who is probably the most successful unknown to make it big from a YouTube video.

No One Can Force A Video To Go Viral But…
Just because a child looks adorable or a couple does something romantic in a video does not mean their video will turn viral. One cannot force others to watch a video but one can make sure the quality and content of a video is appealing enough to make people want to watch more than once – and remember its message!

The Keys To Popular Videos
Still, methods exist to at least ensure a video is in prime position to be shared. There are 4 important keys that every video should have that would make an impact on its viewers: Relevance, Timeliness, Ability To Be Appealing and Memorable, and Optimization. To take these 4 keys and make sure they are in your videos, here’s what you have to do:

1. Make sure your video has something to say and a goal to achieve. It would be crazy to think you can post a video of your product any which way, add good music, some humor, and expect it to make a dent in your business. Every video should have a strategy. A simple example would be to decide what kind of emotion or action you want to pull out from your target viewers.

2. Get a response from the viewers by prompting them to take action. It could be to send the video to a friend, sing the catchy tune in the video, or remember the slogan. Make it so clear they can’t possibly be unsure.

3. Put a spin on the content, whether it is funny, inspirational, romantic, or motivational. You can successfully market any product or service using videos by deciding on the theme and the type of spin you want the product to be remembered by.

4. Make sure the message is clean and there are ways for viewers to find out more about the product or service.

Finally, don’t give up on videos just because your first or second one did not meet expectations. In many cases, videos take time to prompt loyalty to a website or brand. The important point is to keep improving on your video output so it’s something you’re proud of because it represents you and your business 100%.