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Planned Growth Takes Your Online Security Seriously

There are good reasons for why the Cybersecurity Market Report, published by Cybersecurity Ventures, predicted that worldwide spending on cybersecurity products and services would surpass $1 trillion before the end of this year. It’s the same reason why the Ponemon Institute projected the annual cost of cyberattacks worldwide to be approximately $9.5 million. Maintaining the security of information online is a growing problem, and multimedia partners need to stand diligent against attempts at theft now more than ever before. Which is exactly why Planned Growth makes customer information security a top priority throughout the organization, and will continue to for as long as we’re online (which is to say for as long as we and our clients are both in business).

Of course, the customer service component to what we do has a variety of what can be considered “top” priorities, such as maintaining viable turnaround times, keeping constant communication with clients, assuring the quality of our work, and more. However, every associate working for Planned Growth is trained and consistently reminded that the #1 priority to keep top of mind throughout every step of our process is maintaining 100% security of ALL of our client’s information (websites, login credentials, financials, etc.).

Planned Growth provides assurance to our customers in a multitude of ways. This ranges from encrypting sensitive information in apps and various software that have encryption features, ensuring the passing of a client’s login credentials are being done in a secure way, and making sure their Zoho accounts have proper settings for security, sharing, permissions, et al (which prevents other users in the client’s CRM from being able to export or delete records).

Why Zoho?

Zoho is a multinational company that has specialized in software development, cloud computing and web-based business tools since the company was founded in 1996, and is best known for the Zoho Office suite.

All new Monthly and Block accounts get a Client Portal access on the Planned Growth website. Within that Client Portal is Zoho Vault, where clients can edit or add new credentials with their Vault Folder. An Account Manager trains clients on the usage of Client Portal and Zoho Vault and continually monitors their activity to ensure they have access while remaining secure.

There are times when clients don’t find Zoho intuitive or simply prefer the old method of emailing us login credentials. That sort of method is not remotely secure, so we take the time to provide additional 1:1 training until there an increased level of comfort and familiarity with both our Client Portal and Zoho.

Planned Growth practices what we preach. Every member of our organization knows to make the security of our clients our very top priority. We are reminded to ask ourselves, “Is this information the client would want to be made public if this was somehow hacked, or should I find a more secure way of passing this information along?” And then we find the most secure solution for exchanging said information.If information security is a priority for your business, in addition to the benefits of creative marketing solutions, call Planned Growth at 1-800-625-GROW or Contact Us here and let us get started marketing your business in the most secure way possible!