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QR Codes for Delivering Marketing Messages

In our previous article on this topic, “QR Codes for Creative Messaging
,” we addressed the use of QR codes on business cards, signage and promotional items such as bottle openers. Let’s look at some other ways QR codes can be used to help promote products and brands or, more simply, to serve your customers more effectively.

We constantly harp on the importance of social media engagement to build customers and develop relationships. But, with the saturation of social media channels and the possibility of brand confusion across channels, QR codes can take your audience directly to your social profiles.

One important note: as you know, people are using mobile devices to scan QR codes, so if you are taking them to your site, be sure to make your code a link to the mobile optimized site. 

Another great way to use QR codes is to link customers to their respective mobile store to download your application, if you have one. Many times, apps go unused not because they aren’t useful, but because people don’t know about them.

If your physical business or office is located in a busy city center or downtown area, use QR codes on signs or posters around town to link potential customers to a map or walking/driving directions to your location. QR codes offer a quick, concise solution to transmit the information they need and get them on their way. Also, this is a great form of customer service that will impress the customer – you have thought of everything!

Do you have a product that requires installation or some form of set up? Use a QR code on packaging or receipts to link to video instructions or troubleshooting directions. This allows you to not only control the flow of information, but you can better serve your customers and streamline the use of your product.

Another use of QR codes is printing on company cars. If you wrap a company vehicle with something that sparks interest or inspires, why not slap a QR code on there to give the person more information? The car doesn’t have to have your logo all over it to be effective.

While these are definitely not the only ways to use QR codes, it starts the conversation about your product or brand and gets your audience or potential customer to the information you want to be delivered.

What are the creative ways you use QR codes?