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SalesIQ Chatbot: Live Chat Re-Imagined

Zoho’s SalesIQ is a hassle-free live chat program re-imagined for performance and business growth. With SalesIQ chatbot, you can engage website visitors in proactive online live chat and offer real-time customer service. SalesIQ chatbot helps you boost the return on investment of your content marketing, SEO, Adwords, and email campaigns by effortlessly engaging web site visitors.

Zoho SalesIQ is a platform that combines online live chat, website visitor tracking software, and analytics, all in one. This innovative software is made to study consumer behavior and produce insights that can be used to improve marketing plans and promote sales. In addition, SalesIQ gives companies the ability to provide outstanding customer service that translates to a better customer experience. Being available to clients and promptly addressing any urgent problems or inquiries benefits businesses, tremendously. Businesses can increase conversion rates by providing outstanding customer service to their web site visitors. Even better, it simplifies the process by which firms may turn client inquiries into insightful sales intelligence indicators that can be applied to speed up business choices.

Your marketing, sales, and support teams can communicate with every site visitor at every stage of the customer lifecycle with the help of Zoho SalesIQ’s digital customer engagement solutions. With SalesIQ’s all-in-one live chatbot and analytics platform, you can start the right kind of conversation at the ideal time, encouraging proactive client interaction and a sense of trust from your visitors.

Live Chat Functionalities for Business Growth   

SalesIQ offers Live Visitor Tracking and Engagement:

Analyze the digital footprint of visitors. Create tailored chats by differentiating between new and repeat visitors. Recognize the real-time navigation patterns of visitors and initiate proactive dialogues with them.

Engagement with Zoho CRM:

Never pass up the chance to communicate with your prospects. Create actionable leads from your CRM data. Identify potential customers, follow their online activity, and pay them specific attention.

Use Smart Triggers:

Engage website visitors in a personalized way. When prospects visit your website, start automatic intelligent triggers, distribute pertinent content with them, and assist them in making a purchase choice.

Chat in Real Time with SalesIQ:

By tracking website visitors in real time, live chat for websites boosts sales and enhances customer service. On the fly, send personalized communications to clients and prospects.

Designed for freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, small enterprises, and mid-sized businesses, SalesIQ is a cloud-based live chat solution.

SalesIQ is cutting-edge software that enables users to interact with customers and gather useful customer data to promote business success. Users of the platform can boost the ROI of their efforts in SEO, content marketing, email advertising, and Adwords. It’s easy to find new possibilities and boost performance with Zoho SalesIQ. It serves as a dependable center for customer service and sales intelligence, enabling users to avoid spending money on other software. Additionally, the software smoothly interacts with the Zoho productivity suite to speed up data transfers. Personalized chat, interaction history, actionable statistics, automated chat translation, visitor activity tracking, and customized chat are some of its standout features.

Why use Zoho SalesIQ?   

SalesIQ Chatbot Boosts Client Engagement:

SalesIQ by Zoho offers instant communication with website visitors and will help you close sales more quickly. SalesIQ provides a central location for syncing chat messages from several websites, if needed. Use a customized live chat messenger to communicate effectively and quickly to address consumer inquiries. To attract & engage qualified prospects, send them personalized messages.

Increase Quality Leads with SalesIQ:

On your website, distinguish between hot, warm, and cold prospects for your company. Concentrate on prospects, increase their visibility specifically, and turn them into proactive clients. By charting the sales path, you may analyze client profiles and get in touch with worthwhile prospects. Use chatbots with AI to handle leads automatically by gathering data, responding to inquiries, and showcasing products according to client needs.

SalesIQ Chatbot is an Effective Communication Medium:

To improve consumer outreach, enable live chat on social media. When a company visits the website, it enables them to receive multilingual chat assistance and real-time language translation to shorten response times. enables screen sharing and audio calls to improve customer visibility.

Improve Customer Support with SalesIQ Chatbot: 

Connect with customers using Mobilisten– an easy-to-use in-app chat platform that is powered by Zoho SalesIQ and has been specially designed to work with your company app. With Mobilisten, you can rapidly respond to client complaints from within the app and offer support. It makes questions accessible and manageable through instant messaging, photo and file sharing. SalesIQ chatbot offers real-time consumer analytics maintenance and monitoring.

Chatbot Agent Monitoring:

Keep an eye on your agent’s performance by continuously evaluating the number of active chats, how they are progressing, and how long it takes them to respond on average. This will help you ensure that your visitors are receiving the level of support that you expect them to receive when working with your company. Using information from reports and user reviews, improve the website experience for your visitors using SalesIQ. Recognize issues with customer service and enhance agent performance.

Smart Chatbots & Widgets:

With SalesIQ, use intelligent chatbots to automate routine encounters and increase consumer outreach. With codeless bots, you can personalize answer messages and create routines. It responds to frequent inquiries by accessing the resource library. Take complete control of the SalesIQ chatbot’s actions to gain deeper information. Use smart widgets to tailor app integration with SalesIQ. To prevent duplicate data entry, add auto-sync. With form controllers, you can create and control the data that appears on widgets.

Detailed Visitor Tracking:

Compile comprehensive data about each visitor, including their identity, conversation, amount of time spent, location, and last-active time. SalesIQ’s visitor tracking tells whether the visitor is free, occupied, or idle. It offers a variety of viewing choices, including list view for cold prospects and ring view for hot prospects.

SalesIQ Reports & Analytics:

Drill-down reports can be used to discover potential leads and compile entire visitor information. Monitor and improve website performance using visitor footprint, bounce rates, and best-performing pages.

SalesIQ CRM Integration:

Integration of CRM with many business systems is made simple with SalesIQ. By locating potential leads, and interacting with and converting prospects, you may greatly increase your sales. Send chat interactions to the appropriate department for more in-depth analysis. Obtain alerts anytime a potential customer, new or old, views the website.

SalesIQ offers functionalities not found in other chatbots, promising a better experience for your visitors and better opportunities for your team to close sales. Planned Growth is your Zoho Advanced Partner. We easily assist with migrating, implementation, customization, training and ongoing support of Zoho products for current and new Zoho users.  Call us at (800) 625-GROW (4769)  or click here to schedule your free demo today!