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6 Tips to Maintaining Your Business’ Social Media Accounts

Social media— the place everyone scrolls through on their coffee break, lunch, when they are laying down after a long day, or when they arrive early to an appointment and have time to kill. Social media is one of the largest influencing factors in modern times, where all types of businesses and services can do their best to be seen and spread their message to the customer base of their liking. And, if used correctly, social media accounts can truly change a business from being unseen, to popping off!

As we all know, technology and the internet have taken over in modern times. When marketing for your business used to be constrained to face-to-face solicitation, phone calls, and ads in the paper, there is now a whole new set of rules when it comes to businesses and how they market to their customer base. Google searches and searches on other similar sites can help customers find a particular company, but a majority of marketing is now taking place over social media accounts. Check out these 6 useful tips on how to maintain a successful online presence!

 1. Attention-Grabbing Posts   

Shocking photo captions, eye-catching pictures, interesting audio, etc. are all examples of ways you can make your posts stand out. There’s some tough competition in the world of social media, and if your content is too bland or boring, you will just get scrolled by with the flick of a thumb. Humans are now able to sift through different posts and ads and only linger on ones that really catch their eye or advertise something they were looking for. Find out what your company has to offer that is eye-catching, see what works, and then use that technique going forward. Keep in mind that you may be looking to target a specific customer base, and your posts and hashtags should reflect that.

 2. Keep Your Audience Engaged   

Catching your target audience’s eye is an important task, but just as important is keeping that attention once you have it. Engaging and consistent posts help to receive more traffic to your social media accounts. Receiving a lot of responses from one post is great, but if you stop posting afterward, or wait too long to post afterward, you can lose that “buzz” or momentum that your last successful post brought about.

If you have new followers or engagers, you want them to feel like they followed the right page, and will now be seeing more of the content that they like/the content they followed you for.

 3. Shoppable Content

By providing links to your webstore on your social posts, you are creating a simple way for your target audience to spend their money. We’ve all done it during a bout of insomnia or boredom– scrolled online, saw a post that “sold” us, and made an impulsive purchase. The next morning when we have more time to think (and we realize that we spent $25 on a facial cream that we don’t even know if we like) our purchase has already gone through. This is the power of shoppable social media; it allows customers to impulsively buy with a simple click of a button.

Even if the purchase is not impulsive but more planned and thought out, customers still like things to be simple and easy. By providing links to make purchases, this leaves the customer without any responsibility of searching for the product themselves, where they could possibly stumble on the wrong product, or a knock-off.

 4. Influencers   

When it comes to User Generated Content, or UGC, influencers play an important role. The right influencer can take your product to another level, exposing it to a number of followers that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

Many companies incorrectly think that an influencer is out of their budget or not a good match until they’ve reached a certain amount of followers, but that is not true. There are also smaller-scale influencers that will work for a smaller budget or just for some free merchandise. Small-scale influencers, though not connected to quite as many followers as their larger counterparts, still have sizable followings, are more cost-effective, usually have a higher engagement rate due to their smaller and more manageable fanbase, and can come across as more honest and trustworthy to consumers. All of these things combined make small-scale influencers a good match for many smaller businesses, businesses just starting up, or businesses looking to grow their online following.

 5.  Take A Calculated Approach   

It may seem that some pages just gain the right followers effortlessly, but often this is not the case. By putting thought and intent behind your posts and social media management, you are much more likely to receive the results you were hoping for.

To begin with, decide what your target audience is, or should be. These are the people you want to reach, and who you want to be viewing your posts. Then, choose content that is appealing for that target group. The correct visuals, keywords, and hashtags should help to accomplish this. Engage with other accounts that have the following you desire. Make sure your page is staying active and posting relevant and exciting content.

Running a social media audit can help your page detect what is and isn’t working for your brand.

 6.  Highlight Your Positives

Do you have a sale running right now for select items? Do you offer free shipping? Are your products all organic? Choose your best assets and make sure that those are advertised front and center. This is a basic sales tactic, but one that many companies neglect or simply do not utilize enough. Any positive should be highlighted and mentioned repeatedly. The repetition will allow customers to remember this particular perk and when comparing different companies or products, keep yours specially in mind.

There are many more detailed nuances when it comes to social media management, and often it is important to leave these things to a company such as Planned Growth. Contact us via our Online Form or simply call us at 800-625-4769 for more information as to how we can help to elevate your social media accounts!