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Why Does Social Media Change So Much?

Social Media LogosWith over 78% of the American population having at least one social media profile, is it any wonder social media is changing the world in a way no one ever imagined it would? With social media, one can no longer hide behind a computer screen and many people are creating their own personal brand using social media.

Does this answer why social media changes so often? In a way, yes, because with the demand so high for anything new on social media, enterprising individuals will want to cash in by creating new apps, new designs, and new technology.

Here’s a quick look at what happens on social media in a one-day period:

  • 75 billion posts on Facebook
  • Over 400 million tweets
  • 4 billion YouTube videos
  • 2 billion photos on Instagram

These are four reasons why social media is changing faster than any other content on the web and marketers have to deal with multi-channel strategies to make a dent or keep the status quo of businesses.

Social Media Creates Surges

If you have a cause you want to promote and bring to national attention, the best way is through social media unless you have a direct line to a major news outlet.

As far as advertising is concerned, there is a major surge towards social media with ad spending reaching over $25 billion in 2015. Facebook captured almost 64% of ad spending on social media with Twitter and Instagram coming in way behind, but still posting impressive growths in ad revenues.

Social Media Changes the Way Consumers Shop and Read

Instead of reading the broadsheets or switching on their TVs, consumers are getting their “Breaking News” from social media. Instead of using the phone to talk to a sales person, consumers would rather browse the web for information and feedback.

Social Media and Relationships

Is it official on Facebook? Milestones are now being reported officially on social media, and a person’s life and relationships are no longer private but socially public, which means one blast reveals the latest updates to one’s network, saving a person a tremendous amount of time trying to keep everyone updated.

However, beyond just updates, social media is the new dating site, getting-to-know-you-better place, and break-up site for some.

Social Media Creates Income and Business Opportunities

One of the top reasons why social media is changing so much is because now small and medium enterprises can compete with big multinationals and corporations. They have found a huge opportunity to market their products and services without the high capital requirements using social media. Break-out products are finally getting the attention they deserve from viral sharing and creative marketing.

To stay connected to your market, a business must build a social profile. However, before doing this, there are four things that must take priority:

  1. Start being open-minded about social media and avoid setting limits.
  2. Understand the need to research the social behavior of your market so you can customize your profile to appeal to them.
  3. Integrate and create content so you can be reached on different screens, online and offline.