Enhancing Customer Service with Support Desks

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Support desk software makes it possible for companies of all shapes and sizes to deliver great customer service. But with so many options out there, including different types of ticketing systems and different types of help desk software, it’s hard to know where to start.

Zoho Desk is the first context-aware customer support software of its kind — that presents customer issues against the broader context of their prior activities and interactions. One of the biggest lessons we learned serving customers is the need to provide contextual information to every customer interaction. This means customer history, their activities, their prior issues — anything that helps the service agent grasp the issue better and drive its speedy resolution.

According to Forrester, 42% of service agents are unable to resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems and multiple applications that hold relevant customer data. Customers report that service agents fail to answer relevant questions 50% of the time. It’s not just about training. Insufficient information that misses the customer’s problem context is often at fault. This is exactly what Zoho Desk is fixing by bringing context and information into the calls.

One of our goals at Planned Growth is to provide quality support in a timely manner. Our online support desk helps us accomplish this goal for our customers by creating tickets and assigning Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). Our 4 service levels are Low, Medium, High and Urgent.

  • Low: We will respond within 3 days and the Ticket will be resolved within 30 days.
  • Medium: We will respond within 2 days and the Ticket will be resolved within 7 days.
  • High: We will respond within 24 Hours and the Ticket will be resolved within 3 days.
  • Urgent: We will respond within 4 Hours and the Ticket will be resolved within 24 hours.

We’d love to show you how Zoho Desk works and how it can help transform your organization! Schedule a FREE Demo of Zoho Desk with one of our Zoho Specialists today!


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