Technology Driven Marketing Departments Take On a New Role in Corporations

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Just a few years ago, digital marketing was mostly being positioned as a branch belonging to marketing departments, however at Planned Growth, we are witnessing a shift, with technology becoming the focal point of these departments.

This shift is having major effects on the practice of marketing, as well as changing how corporations operate and rely on their marketing departments. Plus, as marketing departments continue to focus on digital efforts, the roles of the marketing executives have also been evolving. Similarly, in order for corporations to be a part of this new era of marketing, a lot of rethinking and restructuring has to happen within their marketing department.

Already, many companies have started to align themselves with more of a technology driven approach to marketing. Here, we look at some of the ways corporations are now transforming their marketing practices and how marketing departments are taking on an entirely new role in corporations.

An important component of marketing departments’ digital shift is the takeover of the end-to-end customer relationship. Today, marketing for a corporation is about marketing around the customer rather than focused on the individual channels, internal processes, and tools used.

Some of the other specific changes include, a shift of marketing roles and positions. It used to be that Vice Presidents of brand marketing, corporate marketing, and product marketing were the focus of marketing departments, however, within recent years these departments have started appointing at least one executive to be responsible to manage content, as far as development and distribution, and these executives are becoming a major focus in marketing departments across the board.

Along with content management, marketing departments are also starting to fulfill roles of marketing operations, meaning the responsibility of managing the balance between technology and data.

Another important component that is evident to the changing marketing field is the responsibility of listening to the customer’s feedback and being present to how to reach the customer, and what is relevant and important to the customer using online channels and data.

Presently, we at Planned Growth are seeing that companies who are focusing on their customer through technology, are the corporations that are most prepared for this powerful marketing shift. If you would like to learn more about how these shifts can connect you to your customers, contact Planned Growth.

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