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The End for Periscope?

PeriscopeLast month, Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming service, became the lifeline for Democrats and the many Americans following the vote on a new gun control law. After the Republican-controlled CSPAN booth shut down, it was through Periscope that some Democrats were able to live stream the events inside the hall.

Will the launch of FB Live be the end for Periscope? This is unlikely, for several reasons:

  • Periscope is determined to stay fresh with new updates like its recent Go Live button strategically placed on the Twitter app, which, when clicked, directs the user to Periscope.
  • With a new update, Periscope now allows you to save your streams forever.
  • Periscope is a standalone app, which allows you to track accounts and keep tabs on your followers.
  • You can use it with GoPro, iOS and Android.
  • You can sketch while live streaming.
  • There are thousands who love anything BUT Facebook because of the multiple issues surrounding its use such as the new privacy and censorship policies, among others.

Most definitely, video and live streaming is the current darling of all social media features. It is able to generate up to a 1200% increase in shares, compared to images or text. However, not everyone likes Facebook and will admit to having some kind of love-hate relationship with the service. This means that if possible, they will use whatever alternative is available – and for now, Periscope is it. In fact, according to Forbes, millennials adore and are obsessed with Periscope.

Here’s why:

  • Periscope allows users to feel that they are in a private intimate setting where one can get the freshest information.
  • Periscope is engaging.
  • With Periscope, you also can enjoy a sense of urgency now that it is packed with Twitter through a Go Live icon.
  • There is less of a promotional feel to live streaming on Periscope for several reasons, such as its more personal way to communicate with sketching and the use of the GoPro.

In a recent interview with the CEO and founder of Periscope, Kayvon Beykpour spoke about the future of live streaming.  Beykpour spoke about how the performance of Periscope will affect the future of Twitter, especially now that FB Live has been launched. Some of the highlights of that interview include:

  • Periscope is a real chance for business entrepreneurs to break into the mainstream more easily.
  • With Periscope, a business can actually engage with the company to create a dedicated channel for special events.
  • The main focus of Periscope in the coming months will be audience interaction, which Beykpour believes is a powerful marketing tool because it gives viewers a voice.
  • As business entrepreneurs, one of the most valuable business assets you could ever hope for is customers’ personal responses to your marketing efforts. Just imagine how extra special your client will feel when you respond to their comment or feedback on your live stream video. Right there, a bond can be established that will have untold returns if addressed properly.

Some of the top world brands that use Periscope and are happy with its service are BMW, Netflix, Red Bull, Spotify, Adidas, DKNY, General Electric, and Mountain Dew.

What these and many more companies are doing with Periscope is simply amazing:

  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Special promotions
  • Live events
  • Contests
  • Live interviews

With Periscope, you offer your customers a wider perspective of your business – and this can enhance brand loyalty and offer an abundance of goodwill that can last several lifetimes.