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The Fight Against CRM Automation

 The rush to automation is nothing more than exhilarating as processes are streamlined, and productivity improves. However, there is still that last bastion of employees and customers who still prefer a human voice to the electronic voice and the ever-reliable telephone to digital interface. It begs the question why many still prefer to call than text, to mail than email, and to chat face-to-face rather than engage in an online chat.

There are several reasons why some customers shy away from automation such as:

“It’s complicated!”

“I’m too old to learn new tricks.”

“I never get the answers I’m looking for and need with automation.”

“Automation took my job away! I hate it!”

According to a professor at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, Calestous Juma, fear of technology and innovation is not because it is a new product but because of the fear of losing a familiar part of one’s lifestyle, identity, or power. The exception to this rule is technology that ventures into unchartered territory like when the telephone or refrigerator was first introduced.

The Solutions to Resistance to Automation

Communication is the answer. Get in touch with your customers and employees and talk to them about your plans. You can do this with surveys, online chat, snail mail, forums, and face-to-face encounters. You can also use CRM analytics to study their online behavior. As for employees, why not consider automated training which can be incorporated into your CRM system?

Other solutions to automation would be to enhance your FAQs, guidelines, and engagement. The focus would be to retain some amount of human interaction, while at the same time, introducing new and more sophisticated technologies.

Right now, you have a CRM model whether you realize it or not. It may not be a formal program and may consist mainly of a blogger or social media coordinator, in which case, something has to be done. In 2018, CRM is expected to be one of the drivers of business. The trend this year is to integrate other business applications with CRM software as the shift moves towards a more customer-oriented approach.

Finally, it is essential to understand that communication also means listening to their concerns and addressing them. They may have misunderstood or been misinformed. Use this opportunity to ease apprehension and uncertainty and above all, exercise patience. Studies show that once those resistant to automation learn how to use technology, they tend to embrace and use it willingly. We can help. Contact us for an in-depth discussion on how Planned Growth can be of assistance in transitioning your business to a full and effective CRM automation in 2018.

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