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The Value of a Great Client Service Manager to Your Business

Planned Growth has a new addition to its force. He is Brenden Hojara, our new Client Service Manager, who is “really excited to be working with Planned Growth.” Brenden has big plans, which mainly include helping you turn your dreams into actionable initiatives.

Today, a service-focused business is incomplete without that one person who takes charge in working closely with clients. It isn’t an easy job but it is one of the most rewarding because the client service manager can observe clients’ dreams coming into fruition.

Planned Growth has innovatively mastered the integration of key elements in Internet marketing and standing guard over the implementation of this working model. There are numerous benefits of having Brenden work with you, as you will see below:

A Client Service Manager Helps the Business Stay On Track

In all service-business management partnerships, the foundation starts with design or strategy, a key element in the relationship. Your service manager must be able to understand and support this plan, as well as pinpoint any flaws or weaknesses. A great service manager should be able to look at the entire plan and suggest ways how it can be improved in order to be more competitive. He presents an objective point of view with only one mission: to help you succeed.

With a Client Service Manager, You Have another Check and Balance System

On top of your in-house checks and balances, Brenden and our other client service managers can also help you monitor your site and achieve greater cost-effectiveness in terms of marketing and SEO efforts. He will assist you in quantifying your marketing so you see how your site is performing as far as its marketing goals are concerned.

Service Managers Will Help You Achieve Marketing Goals

As your Client Service Manager, Brenden is there to create a win-win situation for your online efforts. This isn’t just ensuring that marketing goals are met, but also working to deliver satisfaction and value to your target market so they become loyal to your brand.

Our Client Service Managers Will Be There to Assist You in Dealing with Competition and Threats from Upstarts

Every business is wary of upstarts. These are the aggressive guys who have nothing to lose and everything to gain. When your business is steadily growing, these upstarts will start popping up. It’s a clear sign that you are on the right track and others want “in on the action.” This is a non-issue, as we have Brenden to help you compete effectively and reinforce your marketing strategy. And even if there are no upstarts in the horizon, you can be assured that any assistance from our side will be geared towards seeing your site succeed.